Your yard can be a big problem when it is not draining water properly. After a downpour, water may collect in areas that are located a lower elevation points than rest of the ground. When you water the flowers, lawns and bushes, the water may run down and collect in same low-elevated grounds within your yard. Some areas may even have poor drainage because they are shaded by trees, and the water cannot dry out fast. Homeowners at Ann Arbor MI who may be experiencing problems with their water drainage in their yards may consider constructing trench drainage to allow water to drain to the designated area.

How trench draining can help a homeowner

Constructing a trench to drain water from your yard is a viable solution to ensure you do not have pools of water everywhere. It will keep your yard dry and free of pools of water. This prevents the problems associated with poor drainage.

Poor drainage in your home will bring troubles including breeding grounds for mosquitoes or even infiltration of moisture to your home. And, you know what happens when moisture gets to your foundation. It may enter the basement and cause molds to grow. The stagnant water may begin to smell terribly making the otherwise breezy outdoor environment to be unbearable.


Why consider a professional to construction trench drains

While you may be able to do the job, it requires some skill, use of the right tools, and understanding of your yard topography. It is also a dirty job that will require you dig the channels and pits where water will collect.

The yard has areas that tend to have the heaviest pooling of water. These are the areas where water will run down and collect. You will need to selection a location that is away from the house to prevent the draining water from infiltrating the ground and finding its way into the foundation and basement.

On top of that, you need to ensure the areas where the dry well or collection ground reservoir is situated is not in front of your house whereupon filling up, it may outflow towards the house. These things may present challenges when you try to figure out the best spot to locate the dry well on the ground.

A landscaping contractor may be better placed in studying your yard to find the best location for the water to be drained. Additionally, the pipes connecting the trench drainage should slope gradually towards the ground pit or dry well. When water collects inside the well, it will drain slowly into the surrounding soils.

Your Ann Arbor MI property will be protected when you consider constructing a trench to drain water from the yard. You will protect the ground from erosion, breeding of insects, and pungent smell that comes from water, which has collected on the ground and has remained there for a long time. Seek a landscaping contractor who knows the job and can provide long lasting solutions to your yard drainage problem. This way, you will have peace of mind, as no more issues of pools of water collecting in the yard.

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