Lawn maintenance is an important part of maintaining the functional beauty of any Ann Arbor MI home and it is for that reason that care should be taken in considering the proper sprinkler system for the particular property at hand. If done correctly, the new sprinkler system will eliminate much of the manual labor previously required to water the yard while also increasing efficiency which will mean less money spent on the often cumbersome task of lawn maintenance.

One of the primary selection criteria for an Ann Arbor system is the choice type which generally breaks down into three classes: rotor, drip and spray. Each of these choices has various benefits and it will depend on the custom application as to which will be most appropriate for any given scenario.

Spray Systems

If a home is surrounding by many flower beds, shrubs and other garden type installments then the spray system may be an appropriate selection. This is due to the fact that these types are able to provide a high concentration of water in a short time interval which is ideal for these intense plant environments. Even within the spray systems there are subcategories such as pop-up sprinklers and pipe-mounted. Once again, this choice can be made by ascertaining the layout of the terrain and soil type. Flat areas are ideal for pop-up sprinklers because their spray pattern can be adjusted and coverage insured. Other more hilly landscapes may be better suited for the stationary spray systems so that excess water is not leaked into areas that do not require water. The proper choice here can mean a great savings to the pocketbook of the owner. Furthermore, timers can be used so that the water is sprayed at intervals when absorption will be best and evaporation limited.

Rotor Head Systems

These type of systems are ideal for covering large areas and that is why they are often seen across expansive landscapes such as golf courses and parks. The amount of water delivered per hour is substantially less and this corresponds with the property’s ability to absorb the spray while receiving consistent coverage throughout the day and/or night. The rotor head systems are changing quite frequently and if this type of sprinkler is chosen then the particular type should be chosen carefully to provide the best type of coverage depending on the install location.

Drip Systems

Finally, there is the drip system which allows pinpoint accuracy which can be tailored to water individual plants or predetermined sections of the landscape. These are often seen in flowerbeds and other areas where a gardener is cognizant of his particular plant’s needs and can navigate the tubes and hoses appropriately. This type of system is often used in conjunction with one of the other two types listed above, and the combination can be a powerful one.

Whichever sprinkler system or combination is eventually chosen, it will certainly require maintenance and tuning for the particular landscape and weather conditions. Make the right choice and eliminate the hard work and save money at the same time in Ann Arbor MI.

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