Usually found in the center of a town or small city such as Chelsea Michigan, this beautiful structure known as a gazebo is today making a comeback in familiar surroundings like the American home and its garden spaces. Having one constructed for your residence not only enhances your lifestyle, but it also increases your real estate appraisal value as well.

In our article below, we will cover several factors that make having these little outdoor houses a good return investment in general. These factors include:

1- Producing health benefits.
2- Weather resistant in all kinds of weather.
3- Providing a relaxation area.
4- Giving children an expanded play area.
5- Increasing the property’s value in a tough market.

Produces Health Benefits

Today, many people both work or play on their computers or laptops; however, there are side-effects. Strain on the eyes; periods of sitting too long at a desk chair; and maybe receiving too many radiation emissions from the computer or cell phones can set back one’s overall health.

Having a green outdoor spot to refresh one’s eyes and breathe fresh air provides an excellent platform for quality work and one’s general health. Extended periods of exercise such as Pilates or aerobics become more pleasant if done underneath the cozy roofs of gazebos.

Weather Resistant In All Kinds of Weather

Chelsea Michigan especially enjoys the full four seasons of the year. Regardless of rain, snow or sunshine, the constructions of these exterior houses without walls defy the elements. While coming in all types of construction materials, a wood deck with wooden roof typically becomes the choice of many to sit back and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa in the winter or a tall glass of iced mint julep in the summer time.

Provide A Relaxation Area


  • Whether you invite your friends over for that autumn barbeque or for a leisurely swim in your backyard pool in the summer, these outdoor structures offer the perfect setting for social gatherings.
  • Having an outdoor hot tub with a cedar roof overhead will really make you the talk of the town or your neighborhood.
  • A backyard wedding planned for the exteriors and around this quaint and charming spot gives your guests and newly wed couple something to remember for years to come.
  • If there are any yoga or meditation practitioners, they will especially appreciate that very picturesque feature in a garden setting.

Give Children An Expanded Play Area

Your kids may not have a tree house, but these roofed areas will do for many children. Besides, they are safer than a tree house when a rain storm approaches. Moreover, a child’s imagination comes alive “walking the plank” in such a setting with their favorite toys tucked away in their little treasure chests.

Increase Property’s Value In A Tough Market

Whether planning a future sale of your property or not, adding this charming structure to your house generally increases the value of your property—while adding equity to your home in the meantime.

Today, a tough real estate market, whether in Chelsea Michigan or Baton Rouge Louisiana, makes owning a gazebo a standout selling point; moreover, it produces a pride of ownership for both buyers or sellers as well.