Adding retaining walls to your garden in Ann Arbor MI is the only way that you are going to make your garden work all year long. You are battling all the different things that will make your garden die, and you need a retaining wall that is going to help you get better results in the garden. Retaining walls in Ann Arbor MI help with the heavy rains in the summer and the hard snowfall in the summer. You can use these walls in any way you want when you are installing your garden or making additions to your garden.
Gabian Basket Culvert

Gabian Basket Culvert

Why The Wall?

You need a wall that is going to help you keep runoff from killing all the things you planted in the garden. Runoff can be a huge problem for you, and you need to find a way to keep it from killing everything that you have planted. Most people who are planting properly in their own gardens are going to notice a difference when the wall is keeping the runoff from bowling over all their plants.

Stop Snow

The snow runoff after the thaw is going to be even worse than rainfall because the snow is going to sit there until it thaws. There is a lost more moisture in the snow, and you will see problems unless a retaining wall is holding back as much of the snow and the runoff as possible.

How Do You Make It?

You need to make a retaining wall out of railroad ties or concrete blocks. Each one is going to do the job, but you need to pick the one that is going to be the right style for your house. Some houses look good with concrete blocks, but other walls will look better with the wood ties. The ties are going to break down over time because they are degradable wood, but the concrete blocks will stand for decades without any problem. You have to balance the style with the substance.

How Big Can It Be?

The wall can be as big as you like, but you need to figure out how you are going to use the wall to get the best results. Making a few smaller walls might make more sense, or you can build on long wall that is going t hold everything in. You can create a wall that will hold moisture for your plants, or you can create a wall that is going to hold back water from washing over the plants that you have in the garden.

You can put in a retaining wall in any place in your garden you like, and you will see instant results when you are using it in the right way. Ask a contractor to show you what must be done to put in the wall the right way and as your contractor how this is going to work when you need to use the wall for more than one purposes during the course of the year.

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