April 30, 2014

bigstock-Gardener-mowing-the-lawn--18929231A lush, brilliant green yard is like one big welcome mat to your home. Not only does it look beautiful and make your home feel more inviting, but it can also increase the resale value of your home by giving it more curb appeal.

Lawn mowing seems like a simple chore that doesn’t require much skill: You just push the lawn mower forward and pass back and forth in rows until the whole lawn is covered, right? Actually, there are a lot of mistakes you may be making during your lawn mowing that you don’t even realize could be hurting your lawn.

Here are a few common lawn mowing mistakes and some tips on how to correct them:

Mowing in the Same Direction

After you’ve mowed your lawn a few times, you’ve probably gotten into a good little rhythm. You start from the same place, and you make the same rows. It can be almost meditative. However, mowing your lawn in the same rows each time can actually train your grass to grow in a certain direction, leaving open patches that could invite in pests and weeds. It is important that you switch up the direction of your rows so that your grass stands up straighter and your whole lawn looks more lush.

Mowing Too Low

While you might intentionally mow your lawn very short so that you can extend the time until you have to mow it again, when you do so you are actually exposing your lawn to a number of problems, potentially threatening its overall health. Cutting your grass too short could create bare patches that can weaken the lawn and the soil. Instead, make sure you keep your lawn at least 3 inches high in the summer to create some shade over the soil and to conserve water.

Mowing in Wet Grass

If you prefer to do your lawn mowing in the early morning you are often going to be looking at grass that is still wet from the morning dew. Or, if you put off your lawn mowing all week, you may find that the only time left to do it is one weekend day after it has rained. No matter the scenario, mowing wet grass can cause a number of problems for your lawn. Primarily, wet grass will create little soggy clumps that block out the light and kill the grass underneath. At best, the wet grass will weaken the healthy grass; at worst, it will create yellow patches in your lawn. It’s best to wait for dry conditions to do any lawn mowing.

Mow with a Blunt Blade

You need to keep a sharp blade if you want to get a good cut and maintain a healthy lawn. A blunt blade can create ragged, yellow ends on your grass, which won’t look nice at all. If you see this happening, get your blade sharpened.

Make sure that all the time and money you have invested in your lawn isn’t wasted. Use these simple tips to mow your lawn the right way every time, creating a healthy and beautiful lawn.