September 29, 2015

The cold season is fast approaching….time to prepare for outdoor chores for your home.  Gardening Jobs


 Purchase rake and additional equipment for yard cleaning – prepare for blisters 

Schedule personal time to complete necessary jobs, or time off of work, ugh!

Winterize sprinkler system (using an air compressor) –  required system maintenance to prevent broken parts

Rake and dispose/compost/burn leaves – to keep soils non-compacted

Clean out gutters – to help prevent ice damming

Clean out debris from planting beds – to keep soils healthy/non-compacted

Cut back perennials and remove/dispose of annuals – clean, healthy soils

Bag yard debris and carry to curb for disposal (or as applicable)

Purchase a reliable snow blower, including all the fluids to run it.Snow Removal

Purchase snow shovels and ice melting products for your walkway, driveway and sidewalk.