November 3, 2015

IFall Cleanup - Leaves In Guttert is essential to keep drainage pumps, gutters and downspouts free of debris to prevent water from dripping and accumulating. A collection of leaves and branches in rain gutters also prevents rainwater from draining efficiently and leads to water and decayed debris dripping down the sides of building, making it look dirty. The water and debris will collect along the base of a structure, leading to damage to the foundation and possible leaks into the basements of Ann Arbor MI homes and businesses. As a landscaping company, we suggest that our customers verify that a building’s roof drainage systems are not clogged with leaves.

Tools Needed to Clean Downspouts and Rain Gutters

The first thing to do when you suspect rain gutters are clogged is to clean the systems to remove debris. We suggest that you have these items available to complete this autumn task:

• Sturdy extension ladder
• Gardening trowels
• Long piece of pipe or a broom handle
• Buckets and trash bags
• Long garden hose
• Protective gloves and goggles

Climbing on a ladder is a strenuous task for many of our clients, and you should only attempt this job if you are physically able to climb a ladder and maintain your balance. Always work with another person to make sure a ladder stays balanced and does not sink into the ground. It is also a good idea to have a cellphone available if an emergency occurs.

How to Clean Leaves from Exterior Drainage Systems

You must climb the ladder to remove debris from the gutters and downspouts with the gardening trowels before depositing the rotting leaves into trash bags or buckets. After removing the decayed substances from the rain gutters, move the ladder to each downspout to insert the long pipe or broom handle to dislodge stuck debris. Turn on the water to the gardening hose and climb up the ladder to run water through the downspout to remove debris. You can also use the gardening hose at the bottom of the downspouts to remove leaves. If your gardening hose is not long enough, then you must carry buckets of water up the ladder to pour through the downspouts.

Landscapers can Help with Autumn Maintenance Chores

Maple TreeWhile climbing the ladder to clean rain gutters, look at the building’s roof to see if it is covered with leaves. The leaves on the roof will typically slide into the gutters and may eventually reach a building’s drainage pump to cause extensive problems. By removing the leaves from the gutters and downspouts, water will flow easily through the devices, but you need to prevent large amounts of leaves from landing on the roof. The best way to stop leaves from clogging drainage systems is by trimming tree branches that are hanging over roofs and near to the sides of a building. In the autumn, you should also rake leaves from the lawns and place the items in trash bags. Landscaping companies in Ann Arbor MI can also trim branches, remove leaves or clean rain gutters at residential and commercial properties.

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