Gardening. Lawn Sprinkler Spraying Water Over Grass.

We all want to have beautiful lawns throughout the year and especially during summer. To achieve this, one important feature required is a proper functioning water irrigation system for your lawn. This will come in handy when you are not receiving any water from Mother Nature. During the dry and hot seasons you will have to water your lawn several times a week using a sprinkler, a water hose, a watering can or by using any other means. All these are types of irrigation systems you can use for your lawn. But how do you choose the right system for your lawn? Well, there are many factors to consider when choosing a system that will work best for your lawn. They include:

1. The size of the yard to be watered

2. Location of the water source

3. Installation cost

4. Topography of the area

5. Operation cost

When it boils down to picking a system for your lawn, most people tend to choose one based on its functionality, and that can either be a manual system or an automatic system. Both of these systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

A manual system is an excellent choice when one is looking to reduce the operation cost and save some money. However, using this method can be time-consuming and can also be less efficacious. The use of a water hose and watering can fall under this category. When using this system, it is prudent to ensure that your lawn soaks enough water that will get down to the roots and not just the blades of the grass. This is paramount especially to people who live in areas such as Ann Arbor MI whose temperatures can rise above 32o C in the month of July.

On the other hand, automatic irrigation systems can be very expensive to run and maintain. However, new and improved cutting edge technology in most automated systems have helped reduce the amount of water being wasted during irrigation and this in turn contributes to cutting down on water bills. Some of these irrigation systems have the capability of telling when it’s raining and hence they will automatically skip the next scheduled irrigation.

After careful considerations, it would be judicious to choose a system that will meet the needs of your lawn and also one that is efficient. Here are some of the most popular systems you can use to irrigate your lawn:

1. Drip irrigation

2. Rotor systems

3. Soaker hoses

4. Spray systems

Irrespective of the system one chooses for their lawns; the lawn will only be as good as the system you have opted to adopt. So whether you’re in areas that sometimes experience high temperature like Ann Arbor MI, or on areas that are rich in precipitation, a time will always come where you will find yourself in dire need of a proper irrigation system for your lawn. It is paramount that one makes the right choice for the ultimate survival of their lawns for years to come. Always retrieve that a healthy lawn will greatly depend on a good watering plan that depends on you.

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