Michigan gets about 120 frost free days which is why annuals and perennials can be successfully grown and maintained if you hire professional Landscaper services in Chelsea Michigan. You can completely change the look of your garden by adding beautiful flowerbeds full of perennials and annuals. You can also add trees and rock gardens to your property’s landscape with the help of professionals who understand the conditions of Michigan perfectly.

• Add Beauty and Value – It doesn’t matter if you want to beautify your residential or commercial property because not only will these landscaping ideas make your property better looking, they would also add to the market value.

• About Planting the Right Plants – A lot of technical know how goes into choosing a shrub, tree and flowering plant. Not just that, you need to know where to place it, how much watering it should get, what would be the right sunlight and shade requirements, how the soil should be prepared, what the depth of planting should be, and how to maintain your garden once the landscaping is finished. Professional Landscaper services Chelsea Michigan come with professionals adept at all this and the right equipment.

• Michigan Annuals – In Michigan, there is only one season when you can grow annuals because once the freezing and frosting temperatures hit your region, your plants will not survive. However, despite the technicality and complexity of annuals, no other flowering plants can beat the beautiful and colorful foliage that will be in your garden in the summer. You have to option of getting some flower pots, hanging baskets or flower beds for planting these annuals. Professional services will take care of their maintenance because annuals need a lot of work.

• Plant Recommendations – Balsam, Spider flower (or Cleome), English Daisy, Flowering Tobacco, Forget-Me-Nots, Foxgloves, Impatiens, Lobelia, Pansy and Sweet Alyssum are some top recommendations to grow in your garden. These plants need dry shade with minimum water. As a tip, it is best to go with the advice that the professional landscapers offer you because annuals should be chosen after keeping the local climatic conditions in mind.

• Importance of Retaining Walls – The purpose of retaining walls is to protect the soil on your site from eroding by locking in the moisture. Almost every landscape in Michigan has retaining walls for extra care. The material can be boulders, rock, wood, modular block, flagstone, stacked stone, brick et al. If you choose qualified professionals to install the retaining wall, you would ensure a long life because of quality materials and proper knowledge. Also, a good landscaping company would offer you warranty depending on the material and conditions.

You can add a world of color to your home, subdivision complex, condo or office by choosing to grow and maintain some annuals. Professional Landscaper services in Chelsea Michigan will not only install and design your annual garden but will help you maintain it properly. There will be a variety of flowers blooming in your garden with interesting combinations that can be grown in beautiful pots or containers. It will be an instant lift for your property.