There are many factors to consider when selecting the best home lawn care in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Climate, soil types, and landscaping are a few considerations. It is also important to research lawn care companies to find one with a great reputation and the ability to meet the needs of a homeowner. Gardeners often have keys to the yard where pets and kids play, making it extremely important to obtain the services of a trustworthy company.

Front Yard Garden Curve Paver Path


Ann Arbor Michigan has a Midwestern humid continental climate affected by the presence of the Great Lakes. With record temperatures reaching from -23 to 105 degrees, climate can wreak havoc on lawns and ornamental landscaping. Experienced gardeners can recommend the best varieties of lawn seed, and give advice on shrubs and trees that are hearty enough to survive snowfall, temperature extremes, and lake effect weather.

Lawn and Landscaping

The best lawn care companies in Ann Arbor are trained in the safest methods for fertilizing lawns and plants. They maintain beautiful yards while keeping them safe for pets, kids, barbecues, and impromptu games of catch. Most are also skilled in preventing voles, gophers, and other common pests, and some will remove pet waste as well. Listening to a homeowner’s needs, they advise on colorful plants, and they rotate perennials and annuals that make a yard the envy of the neighborhood.


Typical annual snowfall in Ann Arbor Michigan is a whopping 58.4 inches, with precipitation averaging 37.55 inches a year. Digging up frozen PVC pipes when they thaw and burst is often a homeowner’s worst nightmare. A professional gardener or lawn care team knows when and how to turn off sprinkler systems, drain them if necessary, and will identify the proper pressure ratings and pipe sizes needed for various irrigation systems. Professionals know how to dig up lines while preserving the beauty of the yard. They are skilled with moving aside the grass, replacing pipes, and putting it all back without killing large areas of lawn or shrubbery.

Trees and Shrubs

Homeowners have many options available when maintaining or replacing shrubs and trees in their yards. Native crab apple trees and other ornamental shrubs require less maintenance and grow well in Ann Arbor’s climate. Skilled lawn care companies can recommend fast-growing trees to stagger shade, with foliage leafing in different months to provide year-round cool and respite from the sun in hotter months. They are experienced with complex fertilization and tree trimming cycles, and familiar with coaxing life back into damaged foliage.


Homeowners are frequently unaware of the steps they need to take to winterize their lawn, trees, and plants. Heirloom roses and prized fruit trees can easily succumb to frigid temperatures and ice storms. Professional lawn care companies know when to mulch, when to wrap with burlap, and when to stop watering and fertilizing to allow trees, flowers, and rose bushes to go dormant when winter is approaching. Many companies will also handle snow removal, using high-speed equipment to keep driveways and sidewalks free of snow and ice. If requested, they will often do their best to arrange their schedule to clear driveways in time for occupants to leave for work or school.

When looking for the best lawn care companies in Ann Arbor Michigan, take the time to do a little homework. Do not be afraid to interview companies, and ask for references where it is necessary. A well-tended yard is a welcome respite from the busy life many homeowners have, and gardeners provide a lush haven where residents can relax with family and friends.

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