May 17, 2014

Lawn fertilization is a process that generally provides your lawn with the additional nutrients it needs to thrive and achieve superior health. However, you only have to lawn-fertilizationwalk through the aisles of a local lawn and garden store to see that there are numerous types of fertilizing products that you can purchase in Ann Arbor. You may wonder which of these products are right for your yard. The fact is that some fertilizer may benefit your yard, and other types of products may have the opposite effect. Understanding more about how fertilization can damage your grass can help you to make a better decision when purchasing and applying fertilizer to your grass.

What Could Go Wrong?
There are several different ways that fertilization could damage your yard. There are dry and liquid products available for purchase in Ann Arbor, and each of these products has unique application requirements and recommendations. For example, some state that only a certain amount should be applied or that the grass should be thoroughly watered within so many hours of application. When you over-apply the product to the grass, fail to follow usage instructions or apply a product directly to the lawn when it should be diluted with water first, you run the risk of damaging the lawn. These all can result in a chemical burn on your lawn that ultimately could kill the grass.

Selecting the Right Products
There are various factors to consider when selecting the right fertilizer to use on your yard. For example, you should purchase products that are recommended for your specific grass type as well as for the season. Rather than using a high-concentration formula during the grass growing season, it is best to use a slow-release formula. This can prevent the accumulation of salt in the soil and may decrease the risk for shock of dehydration.

Read the Usage Instructions
Some Ann Arbor residents will bring home a fertilization product and will immediately rush out to apply it to the yard. However, how the product is applied can have a dramatic impact on the results that you see in your space. When you read the instructions, pay attention to factors related to:

  • The amount of the product that should be applied
  • The recommended frequency of applications
  • Ideal weather conditions or seasons for the applications
  • Watering recommendations with usage

While the application of a fertilization product can damage grass if it is not performed correctly, it also can be highly beneficial to improving the look of your property and the health of your lawn. These products can give grass important nutrients that may be lacking in soil, and they can help grass to be lush, green and healthy. When you are purchasing your products, take time to learn more about what nutrients your yard may need and to read the usage instructions carefully. These steps ultimately can help you to keep your yard well-maintained and to keep the grass vibrant and healthy over the years.