There’s nothing nicer than being out of doors, and that enjoyment is only heightened when you’re enjoying it in an attractive, comfortable setting at home.

One possible setting is a outdoor patio, and there are a number of reasons to explore such an option. A few advantages to an outdoor patio on your property:

  • a location for family cook outs
  • a staging area for events, like weddings
  • an enhancement to the appearance and value of your property

But future patio owners should be warned that as simple as its design seems, installation is more involved than one would think. That’s why you should plan to involve an outside patio contractor in your project.

Why not do a DIY patio and save some money? Well, unless you (or a friend or family member) are a professional building contractor, there are lots of reasons. The top three would be potential building damage, accidents, and damage to and devaluation of your property. With a professional, licensed, bonded outdoor patio contractor, you’ll not only avoid all of those issues, but also some you might not have thought of, such as:

  • The acquisition of any and all building permits
  • Determining the location of utility lines and gas and water piping
  • Weather

Yes, weather! While we have gorgeous summers here in the Ann Arbor area, our winters can be quite challenging. The cumulative effect of the seasons can play a large part in determining where a patio should be located on your property in terms of exposure and drainage. A trained, experienced contractor can quickly assess your property and find both problem and optimum locations for your pet project.

Another advantage to hiring a professional outdoor patio contractor is that he or she possesses both engineering skills and artistic vision that you may lack. An honest appraisal of your desires by a professional contractor can save you from having a patio that disintegrates or that is a neighborhood eyesore.

And you have a lot of patio options besides a couple of squares of concrete these days. Your outdoor patio contractor can create a traditional open area, or a more terraced, multi-level look. Your contractor can even help you cheat and let you enjoy the best of both worlds by crafting a screened in patio or a gazebo to protect you from the elements. Even apartment dwellers shouldn’t feel left out of the fun, as contractors can create a patio like effect in small, surprising urban areas.

So while an outdoor patio can be a reality in different settings, on different budgets, it shouldn’t be treated like a typical weekend project. We are fortunate to have licensed outdoor patio contractors in the Ann Arbor area, specializing in everything from poolside hangouts to English gardens. Go prepared to discuss their credentials, and your budget and expectations. Otherwise, it’s safest to let these pros fulfill your patio dreams.