May 7, 2016

Lawn aerationYour Michigan lawn has just come through a period of snow, ice, and the other perils of winter. Thankfully, spring has arrived and the freeze is officially gone. It’s time to inspect the grass and see what needs to be done to bring it back to life. Most lawns are able to bounce back on their own; however, others need some assistance to get that golf course green you desire.

Get Rid of Weeds, Seeds, and Dead Grass

During the spring time, weeds tend to pop up everywhere. Don’t forget those seeds that birds drop or that float through the air. Grass that has been matted down due to ice and snow can be dead. Though your lawn is a perennial plant, sometimes it just cannot survive the harsh winters in this area. If your Ann Arbor MI home’s lawn has seen better days, then you may need to call in professional law care help.

Aerate the Soil

Both foot traffic and the excessive moisture can pack the soil tight during the winter. When spring’s sunny skies finally arrive, the roots are packed so tight that they cannot get the nutrients they need to grow. Aerating the lawn is a great way to tousle the soil a bit so that the nutrients can get to the roots with ease. A professional lawn care company can aerate your soil and have the lawn looking like new. This job is something for the professionals, as it can take quite some time without the proper equipment.

Nutrients Make All The Difference

Grass is a plant, and plants need food. The lawn is starving for nutrients to help it achieve its maximum potential. It is a step that many people do not think is necessary, but feeding your lawn is important to its health and overall vitality.

Clipping For A Luxurious Lawn

Lawn care involves more than just feeding and watering your law; you need to keep it mowed. The more you mow your grass, the better it will look. Grass needs to be clipped down to be healthy. Just like human hair, if it is not cut every so often, it gets split ends and looks awful. The same theory can be used about your lawn. The more you let it go; weeds will start getting in and ruin the whole look. A yard full of weeds looks awful. Make sure that you have your lawn cut at least once every two weeks. Some people over-cut, while others undercut their lawn. You want a nice happy medium to ensure your grass is healthy.

Your local Ann Arbor MI lawn care company wants to help you get your lawn ready for summer. Be the envy of the neighborhood when your lawn is lush, green, and healthy. You know that lawn that everyone drives by and wishes was their yard; well, you can have the lawn of your dreams with a bit of hard work. Call today and see how we can make your lawn look amazing.