Brick paver walkways may be your answer to that troubling situation that is causing your house or garden area to be a bit of an eyesore. The well worn grassy area can be improved by the addition of a well planned quality walkway. A pathway can be created to lead guests to the front door, through the backyard garden, or straight to the patio gazebo where the BBQ is about to begin. Brick paver walkways are not only functional they can create curb appeal which adds value and safety to your Ann Arbor home.

Brick paver walkways can be anything from the more common bricks found in your area of the country to elaborate layouts of imported stone. The uses for the pavers are limited only by your imagination. From a simple path from your driveway to the front door to an intricately designed garden path leading walkers through a maze of paths to a grand exhibit of prized flowers brick paver walkways are the solution.

Let Your Imagination Guide You
Simple concrete pavers may be used in singles to provide steps off the walkway to a water spout or garden tool hideaway. More complicated brick paver walkways can combine sharp angles, serious curves, and mixing of colors and styles to showcase any area of the yard you choose. The ideas you have in your mind can come to fruition with a bit of planning and some help from a professional installer from Ann Arbor or the surrounding area.

The most common pavers are:

Bluestone pavers are a type of sandstone that usually come from Pennsylvania or New York quarries. The natural beauty of this stone makes it a perfect choice for all paving projects. Walkways, patios, gazebo areas and many more. The pavers come mainly in squares or rectangles. The uniformity of Bluestone make them perfect for that elegant, formal look. Some will be “tumbled” to round off the edges and will come in different sizes and shapes to create a unique design totally your own.

Cobblestone may be more familiar as the material used when paving streets back in the day. You can still find many streets in certain sections of towns that have not been replaced by the more modern concrete or asphalt. Cobblestone usually comes in squares or rectangles but are not as uniform as bluestone. Usually made from granite these pavers are extremely durable and can be used in driveways or areas with extreme traffic. Also due to the toughness of the stones cutting them to size is a bit more difficult.

Travertine pavers are the same material used by the ancient Romans to build everything from roads to the renowned Colosseum. A form of limestone the stone comes in three natural colors of white, tan, and cream colored.

Check with your local Ann Arbor brick and stone supplier to find the paver that will best fill the need of your problem space. Brick paver walkways add beauty and functionality to areas that need improvement. If you live in Ann Arbor and you want a new walkway for your yard, just contact Twin Oaks.