April 27, 2016

Finding the right type of irrigation system can ensure that home and property owners in Ann Arbor MI are able to more easily and successfully maintain or improve their lawn. In addition to requiring considerable time and effort, manually watering a lawn or landscaped area may lead to many issues should plants, trees and grass receive too much or too little moisture. Automated systems provide greater convenience and the means to control soil moisture with greater precision. Equipment and systems that can allow property owners to irrigate using stormwater runoff or greywater can help reduce watering and maintenance costs.

Drawbacks of Manual Irrigation

From a simple garden hose to sprinklers that have to be manually activated prior to each use, manual irrigation involves a number of potential drawbacks that may include:

  • Greater amounts of time and labor spent on lawn care
  • Inefficient use of water
  • Landscaped areas may suffer from too much or too little water

Even the most basic automated sprinklers and irrigation systems can provide a more convenient solution as well as the means to ensure that lack of time or energy is less likely to cause problems with basic lawn care.

Automated Sprinkler Systems Offer a Range of Benefits

  • Above-Ground Irrigation

Above-ground sprinklers and systems provide Ann Arbor MI homeowners with greater flexibility. Equipment that can be quickly and easily rearranged or reconfigured ensures that lawns can be property cared for despite seasonal weather changes, fluctuating temperatures or the changing needs plants, grasses and trees may have throughout their growing season.

  • Below-Ground Sprinklers

Recessed sprinklers and below-ground irrigation systems blend into their surroundings more easily and are less likely to suffer from damage caused by weather conditions or outdoor activity. Recessed sprinkler systems that turn on and off automatically provide property owners with the means to enjoy a more attractive exterior environment.

Water Reclamation and Recycling Systems Reduce Water and Utility Costs

Frequent watering can become very expensive. Water reclamation systems and equipment that allows rainwater and runoff to be harvested for future irrigation can provide significant long-term savings. Ann Arbor MI property owners who may be concerned about the impact their lawn care efforts may be having on the environment and homeowners seeking to create and maintain a more affordable and cost-effective household may find that water reclamation, recycling and runoff storage systems are able to provide an ideal solution.

Professional Equipment Installation, Upgrade Options and Maintenance Services

Working alongside an experienced lawn care professional ensures that home and property owners are able to find and utilize a wider range or irrigation options and equipment solutions. Professional installation offers a quick and easy solution for those who are tired of the limitations associated with manual watering or outdated sprinkler systems and quality maintenance services ensure new systems are able to last as long as possible. Dealing with the landscaping and lawn care professionals allows property owners to enjoy all of the benefits that only the best irrigation equipment and systems can offer.