June 29, 2016

Lawn Irrigation SystemWhen it comes to irrigating your yard, there are plenty of options. But which is right for you? By considering the details of your space, available time, and budget, you can determine the best way to keep your yard green and watered.

Why Irrigate?

Irrigation can be much more efficient than above ground watering techniques. With the classic lawn sprinkler, water is not targeted to specific areas very well. Even good sprinklers water an area unevenly. The same is true if you use a hose by hand. With these systems, there can be expensive run off on your sidewalk or driveway.

With an in-ground system, water is more efficiently targeted toward your lawn and your plants.

Options for irrigation

There are plenty of ways to irrigate. You can install small permanent sprinklers and set a timer. This system allows for water to be targeted efficiently. Whether it’s evenly spaced sprinklers on your lawn, or a couple of sprinklers targeting your rose bushes, this strategy can be very effective.

Why is this better than an old fashioned oscillating sprinkler hooked up to a garden hose? Well, the sprinklers are low to the ground and the water is misted. This makes absorption easier.

These sprinklers can also be set to a timer. By watering early in the morning, or after the hottest part of the day, less water is lost to evaporation. Thus, water is saved in the long run. This is better for your water bill, and in these times of drought, for our communities at large.

There are plenty of options for your in-ground system. Kits can be purchased at home improvement stores. The setup you choose may involve poly tubing and mini sprinklers. Or it could be more complicated. Some systems today rely not on battery powered timers, but on more elaborate setups that involve networks and require wifi.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

If you have a large property in Ann Arbor MI and require a permanent system, going with a professional contractor may be the best choice for you. An irrigation system requires digging, connecting pipes and tubing, setting timers, and other labor. Experts are used to doing this work. Our experience can eliminate problems an absolute beginner might face.

Also, when there is a hiccup in setting a system up, we know how to troubleshoot it. Maintaining an existing watering system is also a service we provide. Finding leaks and fixing them is one of the things we do best. With well trained technicians working on your property, you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time.

In Conclusion

In-ground watering systems can be the best option for your property. Whether you have a traditional expanse of lawn, or an elaborate garden, we can help provide just the right solution for you in Ann Arbor MI. Watering by hand or with a traditional above ground sprinkler is not efficient, in terms of your time, money, or resources. With a permanent system, you have more control over the amount of water and hence, money, that goes into your property.