Enhancing a landscaping design with an outdoor water feature will have many benefits for the Ann Arbor Michigan homeowner. A water feature will not only improve the value of a home, but make it stand out amongst others in the neighborhood. A small waterfall near the front entrance can provide curb appeal and larger ponds in the back yard will add value like a deck, pergola or patio does.


Homeowners often are drawn to water features because they help to drown out noise from roads and neighbors. Additionally, a water feature will provide a setting for entertaining and add an aesthetic boost to the yard.

An outdoor water feature will give many hours of entertainment and educational opportunities for children who will be attracted to the wildlife. Waterfront properties are highly sought after, but come with a high price tag. A water feature can be added to a yard in Ann Arbor Michigan for a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of an outdoor water feature.

1. They introduce the sound of nature into your yard. With a busy lifestyle it is often difficult to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. A water feature will bring the sights and sounds of nature to you. The sights of nature will greet you every time that you step out into the yard.

2.Wildlife will be attracted to your yard and enhance the ecosystem. Almost immediately after the water is added, wildlife will begin to move in to investigate. You will most likely see birds, insects and small reptiles or amphibians. A homeowner will have endless hours of enjoyment relaxing by the new water feature.

3. Water features can fit into small spaces. A large pond with a waterfall is not the only option for a yard. There are choices for homes that have limited space in the yard. There are some very nice pond-less elements that do not need much space. They will still produce the sound of flowing water and draw wildlife to the garden area, and can be tucked into the smallest places.

4.Most water features that are done correctly will require very little maintenance. Unlike a large swimming pool, most water features do not require daily attention. A wall fountain, cascading waterfall or other pond-less choices are all great options for those that like a worry free feature in the yard.

The amount of space will determine the type of water feature you can add to your landscape. Small areas will require small fountains, ponds or waterfalls. Larger areas are ideal for full sized ponds that can have running stream to recirculate the water back up to a beautiful waterfall. Do not try to fit too much into an area of the yard that is on the small side, there will not be room to move around and enjoy it.

Homeowners in the Ann Arbor Michigan area will enjoy an outdoor water feature. It will provide many enjoyable moments for the family, whether entertaining or just relaxing with the sights and sounds of nature that the water has attracted.

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