December 6, 2022

If your home doesn’t already have outdoor lighting, you may be considering installing it. If your home is beautiful during the day, it can be just as beautiful at night with the right lighting design. Outdoor lighting enhances the curb appeal of your home, makes your home more secure, and can even save you money when done right. There are plenty of benefits to installing outdoor lighting, and having the professionals take care of the installation means that your landscape lighting design and outdoor accent lighting will look and function great.

Landscape lighting in a luxury back yard.

Outdoor Accent Lighting Increases Security

Most homeowners are drawn to outdoor lighting for the aesthetic appeal. Outdoor accent lighting is beautiful and will highlight the landscaping you’ve invested in. But lighting the exterior of your home is a smart choice to increase security and discourage intruders. Security lighting doesn’t need to be harsh or startling to be effective, and an outdoor lighting designer can help you find lighting that provides both home security as well as beauty. Motion sensing lights can let you know when someone is on your property who shouldn’t be, lighting your features avoids giving would-be intruders places to hide, and you will always know who is around after dark. In addition to deterring intruders, lighting your pathways, steps, stairs, and walkways will make your home safer for your loved ones if you are outdoors after dark. When you hire a professional, they will know exactly how to light your property to keep it safe.

Highlight Architectural Features and Improve Outdoor Living Spaces

Despite the security benefits, the trends in outdoor lighting are more focused on aesthetics. Homeowners want to highlight the architectural features of their home and the landscape features on their property. Using LED lights can accentuate outdoor focal points, such as swimming pools, fish ponds, fire pits, fountains, and decks. LED lights are long lasting and energy efficient, and they can draw the eye to these features when entertaining after dark. A landscape lighting designer can help you choose outdoor lighting that will improve the curb appeal of your home, too. If you have invested in outdoor living spaces, installing outdoor lighting is essential to ensure that you are getting the full use of those living spaces. A professionally installed system can be set up for the specific needs of your property, which will allow your lighting designer to focus on the areas that will improve the curb appeal. When you hire the right professionals, they can even save you money in your lighting design by picking the right fixtures and placing them properly.

Professional Landscape Lighting Designers Have the Know-How

Although installing landscape lighting may seem easy, whenever you are combining electricity and the outdoors, you need the help of an expert. The professionals understand the requirements to keep electrical features that will be exposed to the elements safe as well as effective. They will know all the tiny details that you may easily overlook and avoid the common mistakes that DIYers often make. Hiring a professional can help you save money by avoiding costly mistakes.

If you are investing in your home, invest in a professional to do it right. Landscape lighting designers have the experience, knowledge, design skills, and installation expertise to do the job well right from the start. When you hire a professional, you will enjoy both the aesthetics and security of outdoor accent lighting for many years.

Consulting an expert can help you understand which techniques will work best for your property. A landscape contractor who understands outdoor lighting will know the right heights, distances, and which techniques to best highlight the features of your home.

Security, safety, curb appeal, and increased enjoyment of your property are all benefits of installing outdoor lighting. Working with a contractor who understands your property, needs, and budget can help improve the look and feel of your home. To learn more about our professional lighting design services, contact Twin Oaks Landscape today!