Every city has landmark houses. What is memorable about these houses? It is the landscaping. Make your home as fabulous on the outside as it is on the inside by using a Landscaping Contractor.

Using a local landscaper is a quality decision because they are professional and familiar with the geology and topography of Chelsea Michigan. Knowing the climate, they can provide designs and utilize materials that will look good spring, summer, fall or winter for years to come. They can design all or part of your landscaping needs.

Green Dreams Come True
Do you dream of having the greenest lawn or brightest garden on the block, but demands of work and family do not leave enough time? Turn your dream into a reality. A Landscaping Contractor can provide:

  • Lawn installation and maintenance
  • Garden installation and maintenance
  • Tree and shrub installation and maintenance

Do not leave it to a neighborhood teen. A professional can assess the sunlight, drainage, soil type, pests, invasive plants and determine what is needed and what is not. This saves both time and money. They will create an action plan that fits your time and budget. If you like to do some gardening or lawn care, they will work with you.

Do you prefer organic treatments? With a range of professionals to choose from, finding one that fits your lifestyle, your environmental beliefs and your budget is no sweat.

Outdoor Living
In Michigan, the weather gets a bad wrap, but the truth is there are more nice days a year here than in most states. When it is nice, we want to enjoy it.

  • Decks
  • Play areas
  • Gazebos
  • Pagodas
  • Outdoor fireplaces

These elements add pizazz to any property and enhance the enjoyment of your home. Builing features correctly is essential for safety and durability. Materiel selection, location, drainage and local ordinances all need to be considered. Our Landscaping Contractors in Chelsea Michigan are familiar with the geology and can select the proper location for a feature. Working every day in the Chelsea area, they are familiar with local regulations and permitting procedures.

Don’t forget the kids! Good landscaping has eye appeal, but it should also have usability. Our designers can create a garden for the discerning gardener that works in concert with a playscape for the most energetic children. They can transform a typical yard into a fun, relaxing retreat for the entire family.

Water Solutions

  • Drip systems
  • Rain barrels
  • Fountains
  • Ponds

Water is essential for a healthy lawn and garden. City water is expensive and ground water needs to be protected and conserved. A cost efficient water management system is important to any home owner. It takes knowledge and experience to design, install and maintain these features in the ever changing Michigan climate. It requires knowledge of local aquifers, ditching, and the laws that cover them. Let your imagination run wild and let a contractor do the work.

Removal and Disposal

Removing old landscaping can be challenging and dangerous. Once you take it out, what do you do with it? Let the contractor feel the headache for you. Decks, trees, concrete; demolition professionals can do this easily and in half the time it would take to do it yourself. Doing it right the first time saves time and money.