As a homeowner in Ann Arbor Michigan you undoubtedly want to have the best looking home that you possibly can. Although it is important for the inside of your home to be welcoming and beautiful, the same can be said for the outside of your home. There are many simply ways to do this such as planting some flowers or other plants, adding a small pond, things like that. However, one of the best ways would probably be by adding verandas to your Ann Arbor Michigan home. However, you may be wondering why verandas would be a great choice. Will they really make your Ann Arbor Michigan home look more attractive?

Not only is the answer a definite yes, but verandas can be extremely useful as well as attractive. For example verandas make an attractive and useful addition to your home for the following reasons:

  • Host cook-outs in the summer
  • Entertain guests during periods of warm weather
  • Store things such as grills, rakes, and other outdoor supplies on your veranda
  • An excellent permanent home for your lawn furniture

A veranda just really is the perfect place to spend your spring, summer, and early fall afternoons outdoors. They make excellent spots for soaking up the sun and doing all sorts of various outdoor activities.

Although a veranda sounds like an excellent addition to your home, how are they made? Is there someone you can contact to build one for you? Fortunately, there are many landscaping companies who would be more than happy to build your home its very own veranda for a reasonable fee.

If you do choose to hire a landscaping company, it is wise to know what to expect from the professionals doing the job. Firstly, the individuals you’ve hired will begin by removing any siding or exterior finish on the side of your home where your veranda will be. Basically anything that could interfere with the job will removed from the area.

Next, you and the professional sent by the landscaping company will decide on the type of wood to use for the job. It is wise to choose a pressure-treated wood for the joists, flooring, posts and lattices. It is also a good idea to choose a wood that is resistant to rot such as redwood or cedar.

After that decision is made then, your contractor will get to work assembling your veranda. Your contractor will attach rafters, joists, and other things that are necessary for your veranda. After this is done, then they will construct your wood floor.

After a few days of work from your contractors, then voila! You have your long-awaited veranda assembled and ready for you to use.

Obviously, a veranda is an excellent choice for any Ann Arbor Michigan home. Although this is a job that can be done on your own, for the best results contact a landscaping company to ensure that the job is done not only correctly, but beautifully as well.