Ann Arbor Michigan is nicknamed “Tree Town” due to its amazing environment. Michigan homeowners can create their own special living spaces with special pergloas. They can select the design and work with professional landscapers to create beautiful pergloas in their Ann Arbor Michigan neighborhoods.

Rich Natural Beauty of Ann Arbor “Tree Town

Any community named after a tree must have beautiful landscaping. There was a rumor that when Ann Arbor was established in 1824, it was a combination of the founder’s wife’s name and trees. There are more than 50,000 trees in parks, backyards and along the avenues of “Tree Town” Ann Arbor.

Choose from a Variety of Pergolas

The Japanese have used many wide-open structures, like the arbor, trellise or pergola. The pergloas are open coverings for a walkway, path or staircase that allow vines, plants and flowers to grow on top. It creates a natural canopy. The Japanese use this to create a symbiotic relationship with the environment.

Because of its retention of the natural environment and continued replenishment of the tree population, Ann Arbor Michigan has created a vibrant, beautiful living space. You can create your own special landscaping garden with the right expert. Eco-friendly gardens use the pergola and native plants to create a natural, sustainable environmental setting. Homeowners can select native Michigan climbing plants, flowers or vines to grow up the side of the pergolas. Here are some ideas:

  • Angled structure over stairs
  • Artistic curved design on path to backyard
  • Cedar two-by-fours positioned vertically
  • Free-standing trellise over garden walkway
  • Historical garden pattern
  • Removable weather cover

Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Around the year 605 B.C., the Emperor Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his Persian Queen who missed her home environment. Find a professional landscaper to create your own Hanging Gardens of Ann Arbor Michigan. This can be a Labor of Love protecting against sun or slight rain showers.

Pergola Can Add Third Dimension to Garden

A well-built pergola is not only an eco-friendly landscaping option, but it is also a prime example of three-dimensional landscaping. Just like the Brazilian Rain Forest with its canopy level for the birds, you can build your living space upwards to expand its size, power and vibrancy. This natural environment could attract bees, birds and animals. A commercial property could install a pergola of rich foliage for its employee lunch area.

Most cities have a lot of concrete and asphalt, which reflects the heat. Add car exhaust, factory fumes and garbage smells and the city air can be very unhealthy. During hot weather, pergloas cool you down. The vegetation will absorb the heat, reflect stored moisture and cleanse the air.

Ann Arbor Michigan is the “Tree Town” and by working with the right landscaping professional, you can create your own incredible pergola. You will be happier sharing good times with friends and family.