Spending quality time in the backyard builds trust and enduring relationships among family members. It also provides an opportunity to bond with neighbors and rejoice in living each day to the fullest. With the help and expertise of a dedicated architect, the backyard hardscape designer will bring pride to the backyard. Do you want dried grass cutting the heels of your neighbors or an evening with the magic of Wonderland?

What type of things can make a back yard more enjoyable?


  • Patio Heaters – The bitterly cold winter will keep people sheathed within their homes. As the seasons change from winter to spring, the slight rise in temperature begs people to come outside. Sadly, the temperature is still too chilly to sit outside and enjoy a time with family. Imagine several patio heaters towering among the corners of the area. This simple addition appears to take a lot of work, but a backyard hardscape designer can select the proper positioning and style of heater that will provide the best heat. The heaters can appear bulky and uninviting, but the right amount of decoration and camouflage will make their presence welcoming and astonishing. Imagine a stone wall with a heater disguised to look like a rockslide from the corner.


  • Plants – The winters of Saline, Michigan bring temperatures too cold for tropical plants to survive. The backyard hardscape designer can select plants and trees that will endure the harsh temperatures of the worst winter on record where lows have been recorded at twenty degrees below zero (The Weather Channel, LLC weather.com).


  • Flooring – So flooring seems like a ridiculous aspect of backyard design. It’s not something meant for outdoors, right? Wrong. The patio or deck must have the proper flooring for the climate and amount of rainfall received in Saline, Michigan. On average, this area receives approximately three inches of precipitation per month (The Weather Channel, LLC weather.com). The wood of desks must be treated, so that they do not swell from the moisture. The patio floor can even be made of stones selected by the team of designers and the homeowner.


While designing the hardscape takes time, attention should also be paid to the type of patio furniture selected. The designers will select the best type of patio furniture needed for this area based on the following criteria:

  • Color – Do the colors correspond to the running theme of plants and decorations?
  • Patterns – Cool colors will accentuate rock patterns seen in the landscape.
  • Accessibility – Does someone in the household need additional help with mobility in the yard due to disability or illness?
  • Expense – What will be the best purchase given the current financial situation for each project?


Creating the backyard of dreams takes time and dedication, and hiring a company to aid the process will provide an enormous relief to homeowners stressed over what need to be done. If the backyard is referred to as a disaster area, it’s time to get help. Summer is coming.