There are many homeowners in Ann Arbor that are searching for backyard drainage solutions. They are tired of having their yards flood after a rain. Many of these people are also finding out that not only do their lawns flood, but also their basements. This can be a very costly problem to have to deal with. However, there are solutions to this problem which can help a homeowner to reclaim their yard.


Typically, people that have flooding happening in their backyards do so because they have one of a few problems.

Faulty Septic System

Trying to find backyard drainage solutions when a faulty septic system is suspect is not an easy thing to do. The water can not simply be diverted to a lower lying area. Instead, a professional will need to be contacted in order to correct the problem with the septic system. After this is accomplished, the water that is left on the surface of the lawn should dissipate and be absorbed back into the soil.

Inadequate Runoff Drainage

Many people are finding backyard drainage solutions for inadequate ruffoff drainage in the form of drainage tile. This tile can be buried under the ground and is typically made of plastic. It has holes on the top side of the flexible pipe which allows water in. Once the water is inside the pipe, that is located underground, it can divert the water to a drainage field. It is important to note that the drainage tile should always be laid in the ground at a downward slope. This will ensure that there will be no pooling of the water in the pipe, and that the water will make it to the drainage field. The drainage field can simply be a portion of a backyard that has been excavated, back filled with gravel, and has had the sod put back on top of it. This will allow a place for the water to drain back into the ground at, and will also eliminate pooling.

Improper House Gutter Systems

The backyard drainage solutions are about the same as inadequate runoff drainage for house gutter problems. Many times, the downspouts are improperly placed and water will pool in an area after a rainfall. The best thing to do is to divert the water with drainage tile to a drainage field.

Uneven Landscape

Sometimes, flooding in the backyard can be caused by uneven landscape. This can cause water to collect in an area of a backyard, and eventually flood it. An Ann Arbor homeowner can have the yard leveled so that water will have more of a difficult time to pool. If that doesn’t work then a homeowner should consider drainage tile.

Broken Sprinkler Lines

These can flood a backyard in no time. The solution is to have them repaired by a professional in or near Ann Arbor.

There are many different reasons why water may be flooding a homeowner’s backyard. Finding the right backyard drainage solutions depends on the reason for the flooding. By taking the time out to research the problem an Ann Arbor homeowner can make a more educated decision concerning the solution.