Taking care of the trees on your property is a very serious responsibility. Regular maintenance is absolutely essential if you want to protect them from injury and decline and ensure they have appropriate form and structural safety. Proper pruning helps maintain your trees health and structural integrity. It also helps your trees their shape and appearance, prolongs their lives, and allows for healthy and regulated growth. Pruning also reduces the risk of your trees being damaged by a storm because it reduces wind resistance and increases their strength.

Warm sunset light behind a lone California oak tree.

Experienced Professionals

We are specialists when it comes to maintaining and pruning trees to industry standards. Our arborists are specially trained to remove unhealthy, dying, and dead branches and eliminate potential hazards. Our services address everything from the by-laws for the protection of trees to the proper way to handle urban tree removal. Hiring the right arborist is very important. Removing or pruning trees is dangerous work. It should only be handled by people that are properly trained and equipped. Our staff of arborists are experienced professionals, are always properly equipped, and know how to safely give your trees the care they need.

Our Services

We offer both residential and commercial services. Our services include:

◦Tree Inspections
◦Cabling and Bracing
◦Insect and Disease Management
◦Emergency Tree Service
◦Storm Damage
◦Tree Inventory
◦Tree Structure Evaluation
◦Tree Removal

The wide variety of services we offer have long helped Ann Arbor MI residential and commercial customers have healthy, beautiful, trees. Our arborists are experts at diagnosing and treating any problems your trees may have. Our services help to protect, maintain, and improve the health of your trees and make your landscaping look its best.

Dormant Season Servicing

We offer complete tree care services. Plus we provide you with the information you need to make intelligent decisions about the care, maintenance, and removal of your trees. We can also service your trees during the dormant season. Pruning, maintaining, and removing trees during the dormant season offers many advantages. Some trees like Oak and American Elm should only be pruned during the dormant season unless they’re at risk for Dutch Elm disease or Oak Wilt. The dormant season is also the perfect time to inspect a tree’s structure, identify problems, and address heartwood decay, cracks, and tree splits.

If you need tree care services in your Ann Arbor MI yard, call us. We have the experienced arborists, tools, and training to keep your trees looking their very best. Don’t wait until there is a problem to give us a call. We can examine your trees, identify needs or potential problems, and take timely action to protect your trees. Whether you have two trees or a small forest, it’s important to have them assessed, pruned, and cut regularly to make sure they remain healthy.

Dead or dying trees, limbs, and branches are an eyesore and a danger to anyone that comes on to your property. Call us today if you want to have strong, healthy, beautiful trees.

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