Let Twin Oaks take care of all of your lawn maintenance needs. Out technicians have all of the lawn maintenance skills that you could ask for. You need don’t have to make time anymore in today’s hectic world to have a good looking exterior. In Ann Arbor Michigan, we’ve got you covered.

This spring, we want your home to be the talk of the neighborhood. Your patio will flourish with friends and family because everyone will be impressed with the way your lawn looks. They will all wonder how you did it. Tell them Twin Oaks Ann Arbor Michigan was happy to be of service.

Our basic lawn care package will have your lawn looking uniformly neat and trimmed for the entire season. Our technicians will give care to the height of your grass with regularly scheduled maintenance. It will look nice and uniform all season long. The edges of your property will never be overgrown or have weeds protruding from them.

Our weed and seed package will bring your lawn to its fullest potential. Our Highly trained technicians will take extra care to remove unwanted weeds. Balding and browning will be a thing of the past with our premium grass seed. Out technicians will take extra care to keep the uniformity of your lawn for the entire season so that you will come back to us for many seasons to come.

Our prune and trim package have your lawn looking its very best. Not just on the ground but on your accents as well. Pruning trees and trimming hedges will show that you take pride in the way the exterior of your home looks. You will be pleased to tell everyone that the work was done by Ann Arbor Michigan landscaping.

Are you ready to expand a little? Why just have a plain old lawn when hedges and flowerbeds will bring joy to any lawn. Hedges are a major improvement over tall fences or having no fence at all. They bring shape to your lawn that is filled with life. They also give you the privacy that you desire. Flowerbeds will add color to your lawn as well. Rows of tulips, daisies or whatever suits your fancy will be the envy of your guests. They will talk at your next barbeque about how well you take care of your property with lawn maintenance.

Don’t count us out at the end of the season. We will be there for you for all of your fall and winter needs as well. Our technicians are equipped to remove leaves and snow. Right up until the bitter end of the season, our technicians will prepare your lawn for the harsh winter to come. They will remove all of the leaves that fall leaving your exterior looking beautiful and safe from slips and falls. We will be there for you with snow removal equipment. No one will slip and fall on the ice at your house because there will not be any. We’ve got you covered.