October 28, 2014

Twin Oaks Press Release……

Summary: The manager of Ann Arbor Landscape company, Twin Oaks Landscape, shares helpful tips on drainage solutions in the August edition of Lawn and Landscape magazine.

Already equipped with a team of highly experienced landscaping and lawn care experts serving Michigan, local Ann Arbor landscaping company, Twin Oaks Landscape, recently had the opportunity to prove once again why they are a viable landscaping resource to the state. This time, the company was given the chance to share some words on wisdom on the topic of drainage solutions with an even much larger audience. In the August edition of Lawn and Landscape magazine, general manager at Twin Oaks Landscape, Chris Speen, shared his insights on some of the primary factors to consider when examining drainage problems for a customer.

Chris Speen, along with other landscaping experts from around the country, shared valuable knowledge about the most important things to consider when it comes to drainage solutions on any job site. For drainage professionals working on the job ¾whether it is at a residential home, apartment complex, or industrial building¾ drainage solutions haven’t really changed over the last several decades. As always, the first step, and Chris’ word of advice, is to look at where the water is intended to go.

From the onset, water typically has a natural flow that it should follow. In some scenarios, drainage problems could actually have simple solutions that can be found by simply going back to look at the water’s intended pathway. Many of these problems don’t even require permits to repair. In the end this could save drainage solution professionals time, resources and money.

Other areas touched upon in the article included knowing where to go when re-routing drainage pipes, picking the right type of piping to use for a given job site, and always remembering to keep ‘safety first’ on the job. Don’t skip any of these steps in an effort to complete a job ahead of schedule. Otherwise, if you do, you could end up facing many costly errors along the way.

For more than 20 years, Twin Oaks Landscape has been among the industry’s leaders, serving residents throughout Ann Arbor and the state of Michigan. Employing experts in lawn and landscape maintenance, engineering, irrigation, and horticulture, Twin Oaks Landscape is dedicated to creating beautiful lawns for residential and commercial properties that everyone can enjoy.

The pros at Twin Oaks Landscape understand why drainage problems can create havoc for property owners. They are skilled at implementing both preventative and corrective care drainage solutions that will leave homes and properties looking as beautiful as nature intended. When water does not have an effective way to drain properly it can cause: leaky basements, soil erosion, standing water in yards, foundation issues, or even faulty or failing retainer and boulder walls. Damages like these can cost home and business owners hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace or repair.

Through years of firsthand experience with some of nature’s most difficult drainage problems, Twin Oaks is equipped to tackle these issues through their comprehensive Storm Water Management programs, Downspout and Gutter maintenance services, and yard re-grading services. By taking steps before it’s too late, customers who utilize Twin Oaks services can prevent potential basement flooding due to high water tables, weakened foundations, water damage to personal belongings, and costly damage to outdoor landscaping such as patios, plants and sidewalks.

At Twin Oaks, the end goal is to ensure that each and every drainage solution is working to its peak potential, leaving property owners with beautiful lawns and landscapes and dry, damage-free homes. Whether the problem is too little or too much water, Twin Oaks has the professionals standing by who are able to help.

Now, their expertise is being recognized outside of Michigan. Thanks to Lawn and Landscape magazine, other landscaping businesses around the nation can gain valuable tips on the subject of Drainage Solutions from the professionals at one of Ann Arbor’s leading landscape companies.