One thing most home owners strive for is a nice, well-manicured lawn. Well-manicured goes beyond just running a lawnmower over the yard once a week. It also involves keeping your lawn well hydrated. Because watering your yard can be time consuming and tedious, you may want to consider a lawn irrigation system.

About Irrigation Systems:

If you are not familiar with irrigation methods; irrigations were developed to get water supplies out to fields and areas where vegetation was growing that would sometimes need help in getting adequate water supplies. Fruit trees are big in the use of irrigations. Over the years, many different types of irrigation systems have been developed.

Why Invest in an Irrigation Method?

Dexter Michigan offers all types of irrigation methods that can be very effective. Some common reasons why many people invest in an irrigation system are that, any area you live in can experience a decrease in, or a lack of rain at times. Or maybe you just would like an easy ability to water your lawn and foliage. Whatever the reason, if you have ever thought of and wished you could get an irrigation system; today, it is easier than ever. A lawn irrigation method not only helps you to take better care of your lawn, it can also increase the value of your home.

What Makes an Irrigation System Effective?

The effectiveness is the amount of water you can get to what it is that is needing the water; such as, the plants and the soil. Although you may have an expensive system set up, did you know that not all systems work the same, or are as capable of supplying the amount of water your foliage needs to thrive?
There is a common problem with irrigation methods, and it is, evaporation. For many systems, the amount of water that is lost can be up to 50%, due to evaporation. That’s a lot of water that the plants could be benefiting from, that they never get access to.

How Does an Irrigation System Work?

Irrigation systems start by using a steady stream, then work their way into little droplets, or a mist that gently sprays over the plants. When the air is hot and dry, that part of the water will never even make it to the ground. It evaporates. Sometimes, you can actually watch the water going up, but not down.

If the irrigation system is effective, it will keep the water close to where it’s needed. One system used in Dexter Michigan that is considered to be low energy and accurate in its spray, is a low energy, precision application system with center pivot. This means that system has these lines that hang upside down from these large arms. These lines, spray the water from just above the plant. Another system that helps cut down on the loss of water, is the drip irrigation. Drip irrigation entails PVC pipes that run alongside the plants. There are holes in the PVC pipes that allow the water to drip onto the plants. Both help to cut down on the loss of water.