Most Ann Arbor homeowners will encounter issues that require finding an affordable tree service provider at some point or another. Whether for routine trimming and maintenance or emergency fallen tree removal, it is essential to find a respected business staffed by skilled arborists.

The best course of action is to find a qualified and affordable tree service company in Ann Arbor or the surrounding area before an emergency happens. Trying to prune or remove a tree yourself can be dangerous and cause damage to the tree, property, or even to yourself. When looking, there are a number of issues to consider.

First of all, when interviewing prospective tree care professionals in Ann Arbor it is important to check for proper credentials. A

A certified professional arborist is someone who has fulfilled all the requirements set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture, and has passed the certification exam. The qualifications include first hand experience as well as educational courses, so you can be assured the arborist understands tree care and safety measures. The International Society of Arboriculture has a website with listings of all certified arborists, so it is possible to check credentials or find arborists through them.

Licensing and insuring is another important aspect to check for when interviewing prospective companies. If these things aren’t in place you could be liable for any damages or injuries that occur in connection with your service.

An affordable tree service company can provide many benefits for your Ann Arbor property. The most common services offered are pruning, tree removal, and damage prevention services.

Trimming, pruning, and removing excess branches can help your tree appear healthier and boost its growth. A well pruned tree is able to put more energy into growing thicker leaves or a bigger crop of fruit. An attractive and well balanced tree can even improve property value.

Tree removal services are sometimes called for if a tree is dying or the homeowner simply doesn’t want it anymore. Removing a tree can open up space in a yard and allow more light to reach the ground. Removal of old stumps left from a previous tree removal is another service offered. An affordable tree service professional has the equipment needed to grind down the old stump, allowing you to plant grass or otherwise landscape the area.

Damage prevention is possibly the most important aspect of affordable tree service. It is much more efficient to take care of potential problems before a costly and dangerous emergency happens. A professional arborist is able to see branches that have the potential of breaking under heavy loads of snow or freezing rain, and remove them before they potentially fall on your home or car. Branches close to or hanging over electric lines are usually removed by the utility company, but many homes have other utility lines that should be checked for safety by an arborist.