September 25, 2019

Sunny Autumn morning with orange and yellow leaves all over the ground and on trees.

Fall is finally here. The air is cooling, the leaves will soon be falling and there is no doubt your commercial property needs attention. This is the time of the year to tend to the lawn, landscaping, parking lot, and other spaces on your commercial property. Our team will do all the dirty work on your behalf to ensure your property looks picture perfect and is properly prepared for the upcoming winter.

Minding the Flowers and Greenery

This is the perfect opportunity to remove those summer blooming annuals. This is also your chance to figure out the types of bulbs you will plant when spring arrives. Ideally, your spring flowers will appear in a timely manner once the winter ends. Our team is here to get your flowers and other plants on the perfect schedule. We plant fall flowers, remove summer annuals, aerate the lawn, and handle all other landscaping challenges regardless of the season.

Drain the Pipes

The last thing you want to have to worry about is a burst pipe as the temperatures drop. Let us prepare your lawn for winter this fall and we will sweat all the small stuff to minimize the chances of a burst pipe. It might not be enough to merely drain the water out of your property’s sprinkler system. We know all the tips and tricks that help prevent burst pipes and other plumbing issues during the transition from fall to winter and beyond. Our team prepares sprinkler systems for winter, drains the pipes, and does everything else necessary to ensure your irrigation system is in tip-top shape.

Prepare the Grass and Beds for the Change in Seasons

Winterizing a lawn is not just about raking leaves. The grass and beds should be carefully winterized by a savvy landscaping team with years of experience. It will help to add fertilizer in the fall to provide the grass with ample energy for the winter ahead. Fertilization should happen in unison with aeration. If there are annual bends on the property, they will also have to be shielded against winter’s wrath. Sizable beds should be guarded by a cover crop. Beds on the smaller side can be protected with the addition of mulch.

Aerate the Lawn

The reduction in temperature has the potential to cause bare spots and patches of brown throughout your yard. Aeration is the solution to this issue. An aerator helps eliminate just enough turf and soil from the lawn so the upper couple inches of soil can breath with ease. Lawn aeration also makes it easier for water and nutrients to reach the soil.

Get Rid of Those Pesky Leaves

Those who visit and work at your commercial property should not be subjected to wet leaves. It merely takes one slip and fall to lead to a financially crippling lawsuit. Furthermore, an abundance of leaves on your commercial property does not look good. Let our team eliminate the leaves on your lawn/landscaping and you won’t have to spend a single second worrying about a slip and fall on wet leaves that causes an injury to a customer or employee. The icing on the cake is the fact that your property will look that much better when it is maintained by our detail-oriented landscaping specialists.

This is the perfect time to have your commercial property cleaned and maintained. Let us get to work on your landscaping and you will be able to relax knowing the best in the business are maximizing the potential of your commercial property. Contact us today!