In the recent years, Ann Harbor, Michigan has seen the rise of gardening as a popular hobby. It can, however, become an expensive hobby. But, growing plants from seeds makes gardening not only de-stressing but also economical.

You can go out and buy plants for the season from the nearest nursery but then, everyone around you will have the same plants. And, buying fully grown flowering plants is not the same as growing them from the seeds and see the fruit of your labor flowering. Also, if you compare the costs, a grown flowering plant will cost 6 to 8 times more than a packet of seeds, from which you can grow numerous plants.

Here are some of the benefits of seeding –

1. Economical – As mentioned above, this is an economical way of growing plants. Suppose, with spring around the corner, you would like to grow flowering plants. As gardening, you would be aware that it takes time and care to grow the plant. So, when you buy the plant that is already flowering, it would be expensive. Another factor that you may not have considered is that most of your neighbors would have the same plant.

Instead, you could grow the plants from seeds. This ensures that you can monitor the growth of the plant, get multiple colors of the flowers and more than one plant. The seed packet is much cheaper than a mature plant.

2. Growing Rare Plants – Growing plants from seeds helps you grow rare and heirloom plants. You can harvest them every year and ensure their continued survival. For example, if you buy poppy seeds, you can grow them every year, harvest the seeds and maybe, one day, hand down those seeds to the next generation. This is known as reseeding and is something that is not possible without growing them from seeds.

3. Ensuring Good Health of Plants – This ensures that you can control the health of the plant that you grow. Sow the seeds about 10 weeks before the time for last killing frost. The date will be given on the packet of the seed. The preparation will increase the blooming time. After the frost has passed, you can move the seedlings outdoors and plant them in the ground. This kind of care helps prevent leggy plants and you are able to grow sturdy plants.

Ann Harbor, Michigan has a humid continental weather. An enduring Ann Harbor rite for spring is picking pussy willow. In fact, this rite is performed before the arrival of the spring. Seeding the plant and caring for it for its healthy growth is an example of how you can control the health of the plant that you grow and how you can create an heirloom plant that the generations after you can care for.

Seeding and growing plants is an exacting science as well as an art. There are different methods of seeding, each producing healthy plants. You have to experiment with each, discuss with others who practice seeding and then find what works for you. The results are highly satisfactory.