December 29, 2015

No matter where in Ann Arbor MI you make your home, nothing else adds to your enjoyment and the value of your home like the right landscaping and hardscaping elements. Once the landscaping is complete, you need the right lighting to illuminate the area. Proper outdoor lighting not only improves nighttime safety, it can add a serene yet eye-catching elegance to your property. Our specially trained, highly skilled landscape designers and installers can add energy-efficient, low-voltage, landscape lighting that will transform your yard into a paradise.

Light Your Yard

We can install outdoor lights that combine beauty, style, and dependability while drawing attention to all of your gorgeous landscape elements. We offer exterior lights and garden light designs that will make your yard the envy of all your neighbors. We will use our creativity, innovation, wide selection of outdoor lights, and years of experience with exterior lighting to make your property the perfect place for relaxing and entertaining friends and family. Our team of experienced landscape lighting professionals will install the perfect combination of lights for your landscaping.

Where The Lights Will Be

We will add light to certain key places in your yard. They include:

1. Walkways
2. Gardens
3. Ponds
4. Fountains
5. Trees Clusters
6. Patios
7. Benches
8. Statues
9. Cooking Areas

Our professionally installed landscape lighting can highlight your yard’s focal points, add warmth and intimacy, accentuate interesting landscaping elements, and allow people to safely use your property’s sidewalks, patio, and walkways after dark. Whether you want special lighting to set a soft, romantic mood, focus attention on hardscapes, simply mark boundaries, or create a stunning landscape people can enjoy at night, we have the inventive outdoor lighting solutions you need and know precisely how to deploy them.

Lighting Options

We have a wide variety of lights we can use to create a truly unique and special setting in your yard. Some of the lighting choices we offer include:

*Flood Lights
*Accent Lights
*Outdoor Lamps
*Recessed Lights
*Wall Wash Lights
*Cap Lights
*Step Lights
*Solar Lights
*LED Lights
*Copper Lights
*Low-Voltage Landscape Lights
*High-Voltage Landscape Lights
*Zen Garden Lighting

Our licensed electricians and innovative hardscapes designers will work together to install the exterior lighting elements at various angles and distances. They will make your property a safe, inviting, and comfortable place for people to gather for meals and special occasions. The exterior lighting also extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors and creates an enjoyable nighttime ambience. We employ a variety of advanced lighting techniques and strategies including the use of path-lights, up-lighting, and down-lighting and follow good Dark Sky Practices to reduce light pollution.

Landscape lighting design can be a complex endeavor. One that can be used to achieve beauty, safety, security, beauty, energy efficiency, functionality, and environmental goals. We can use spotlights with glare guards, hidden light sources, staggered walkway lights, and more to make the outdoor lighting in your Ann Arbor MI home a subtle, yet powerful landscaping addition.

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