If you have a lawn in Dexter Michigan property, you need to get yourself into the habit of mulching. This simple activity can be as basic as mulched leaves or slightly advanced so as to include lawn clippings. However, not only is it great for the soil in your garden, it would also save you time, money and labor. You don’t have to rake, haul or bag the plethora of leaves and clippings in your garden anymore. The following are a few facts about mulching that you should know –

• Lawn Clippings Should Be Mulched – Yes, this is something you need to do. Mulch the lawn clippings back in your lawn. It will provide nutrients to the lawn soil, will save you money and time, and is pretty sensible. Most people mulch leaves because it provides organic matter but don’t do the same for lawn clippings. They both serve the same purpose and improve the quality of the soil. Buy a mulch kit and you will find a mulch mower in there. These mowers come with special mulch blades that cut and mulch at the same time. Thus, your work is reduced.

• Grass Clippings Do Not Cause Buildup of Thatch – Grass clippings are mostly water and broken down tissue due to microbial activity. If there is a thatch problem already existing in your garden, adding grass clippings might elevate it but grass clippings, on their own, do not cause such a buildup. In fact, if you use a mulch mower on a regular basis, you will solve the problem of thatch buildup quite effectively. Avoid clumping the lawn. Using grass clippings would satisfy the annual requirements of nitrogen for your lawn to the extent of 1 pound. Also, a single fertilizer session could be eliminated by this addition.

• Using Leaves – When you have a lot of leaves during the fall, use them in your mulch. If there is an abundance of leaves, you can not only return them to the garden soil but they can also be added to the compost pile or used as planting beds. This is free organic matter that you are getting, so don’t put them in the landfill. Return them to the soil and make use of the rich nutrients they would be giving back. Using leaves in the mulch also has another benefit – you would not have to spend time, money and efforts on dealing with the leaves otherwise.

• Scientific Proof – A study was conducted by Michigan State University and it revealed that using mulch in the lawn had widespread benefits. Even Maple and Oak leaves improved color and turn quality to a certain extent and sugar maple leaves were effective against weeds like dandelion and had inhibitory effects. Overall, the study shows how cost effective this activity is.

Mulching in Dexter Michigan is a necessity, given the amount of chemicals that go into the soil in the form of pesticides these days. It is important for the soil to be fertile enough for those fertilizers to work.