A beautiful tree or a grove of trees enhances the beauty of any yard in Ann Arbor MI; but a tree requires maintenance and care. Most people just leave a tree alone when a professional tree service can enhance the beauty of a tree and reduce potential problems that they can create. Essentially, there are three types of service that a homeowner should consider.

Beech forest in spring with the sun in the trees

The first type of service involves the planting and care of new trees on a property.
• A tree must be planted in a proper location based on what the tree will look like when it is mature rather than at the time of planting. A tree planted too close to the house can create problems; one too far away may look out of place and be distracting. A professional understands locating a tree.
• Proper planting of a tree involves more than simply digging a hole, sticking the root ball in the ground and filling it back in. A professional tree service knows that a tree must be planted at a certain depth with the root collar at grade level. Planting too deep or two shallow can have a dramatic effect on the height and strength of the mature tree.
• Once planted and growing, a new tree will probably need some carefully planned pruning to enhance its shape and growth as well as eliminating low hanging and possibly dangerous limbs. Removing limbs when the tree is young can easily resolve problems long before they become serious.

The second type of service occurs when a tree reaches maturity.
• In maturity, a tree frequently drops limbs which need to be cut up and removed. This might involve grinding or cutting into useable mulch or firewood or complete disposal of the waste material.
• A tree can get a disease. Some of these are directly treatable and correctable while some are a natural reaction to stress like too much or not enough water or competition with other plants or trees. A professional understands these issues and can offer treatment services.

The third type of service is the final one: tree removal because of house expansion, danger of the tree or its branches falling on valuable property, or because the tree has finally died and needs to be removed.
• A mature tree is typically quite large and very heavy. Removing even a limb can be a very dangerous undertaking. An intelligent person with a chain saw can drop a tree fairly easily in the open but when there is a house or other trees nearby, only a professional should attempt a removal. It requires experience and often specialized equipment to bring a tree down carefully and safely.
• Once a tree is cut down, complete disposal and removal is important but there is also the issue of the stump. A full service company can provide stump grinding services to insure complete removal of the stump as well as the tree proper.
• Finally is the problem of a tree blown down in a storm in Ann Arbor MI. Clean up must be done carefully and quickly especially if there is damage to the house or other property.

All of these issues are important to the property owner but just as important are other issues like reliability and experience of the company, proof of liability and workers compensation insurance, and a clear and understandable quotation for the work to be done. In Ann Arbor MI, contact Twin Oaks for experience, reliability and quality tree service.

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