Meteorologists are predicting a very wet winter this year for the northern United States. Intense weather patterns will drop greater than average snow fall in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In our town of Milan MI that could mean over 70 inches of snow or more. With this oncoming weather it would be wise to find a company in Milan that is a proven leader in snow plowing services.

Here are some recommendations to assist you in finding a snow removal service that meets your needs.

Determine size of area
In order to decide if a snow plowing service is right for you, you need to know how much area you need plowed. Usually more than 60 sq. feet, the typical size of a two car wide driveway, is more than should be handled with a shovel. Although a plow may be too much, our service offers snow removal using a snow blower, which is perfect for a lot this size and corresponding sidewalks. Once you have settled on a service or two, discuss with them the price they charge per square foot or if they charge by the hour.

Frequency of use
Next you will need to decide how often you will want the service to clean your driveway and sidewalks. Of course after any snow deeper than 1″ should be cleared by professionals, so you may ask your service to come anytime it has snowed for more than 2 hours. It’s best to have your driveway cleared in the morning to allow any ice to melt and to clear the area befor much traffic has packed the snow down. Again, discuss when would be best for you and see if they can accommodate.

Cost of service
Unless you are arranging for your office driveway to be cleared, most snow plowing services charge by the hour. A typical hourly rate is $45-50.00 per hour. This means that your residence will cost between $40.00 to $50.00. One good way to start the process of finding a snow removal service in Milan MI is to look on the internet. A quick education will help you establish price, services and possibly give you an opportunity to read testimonials by past customers.

Recommendation of others
When you have narrowed your search to a few companies, call them up and discuss terms and get a final quote from each company you are considering. A representative may want to come look at your property to give you a realistic quote. You may also ask to speak with past and present customers to find out what others think of the company you are considering. Our company will be glad to refer you to our clients, as long as they will allow us to give you their number.

In conclusion, we believe if you follow these recommendations you will find our company. We will work with you on any size lot, we are very affordable and have been in business for a very long time. We will customize our service to your needs.

Remember to look for a company that will:

  • Meet your needs
  • Be reliable, dependable, and affordable
  • Assist you in making snow removal decisions
  • Value your business