Natural rainwater is one of the most important elements necessary for a healthy yard, but you cannot control the amount of rainwater that Mother Nature provides to you. When water for your lawn is not provided by Mother Nature, it is up to you to water your lawn. While many homeowners will lug around a hose and sprinkler, a better idea is to invest in a lawn sprinkler system for your Ann Arbor MI home. With a closer look at the benefits that a sprinkler system can provide, you will see why this is an investment that you will love.

An Automated Watering System
In order for your lawn and garden areas to thrive, they ideally should receive a sufficient amount of water at regular intervals. With a lawn sprinkler system, you can program your system to run on certain days and times of the week and to run for a specified period of time. When you consider the alternative of using a hose and sprinkler to water the lawn, you will see that there is true value in a sprinkler system. With your hose and sprinkler, you will be responsible for finding time in your day to water the lawn as well as to monitor times so that each area of the yard receives an adequate amount of water. Automating the watering of your lawn gives you peace of mind that all areas of the yard will receive the same amount of water on a desired schedule.

Thorough Coverage Across Your Yard
When your sprinkler system is installed in your yard, the installation company typically will adjust the sprinkler heads so that all areas of the yard receive complete coverage and so that no areas are over-watered or under-watered. When you manually adjust the hose and sprinkler through your own efforts, the coverage across your yard most likely will not be uniform, and this can result in some areas not receiving enough water while other areas may receive too much. Because a sprinkler system in your Ann Arbor MI property can provide better coverage, it can promote a healthier yard.

A Hassle-Free Approach to Watering the Yard
Few homeowners will state that watering their yard manually with a hose and sprinkler is fun, and many simply do not look forward to this task. Because of this, some may put off the task for another day when they are stressed or worn down from a long day at work. There may also be times when you are simply too busy to find time to water the lawn. This can impact the health of your yard. When you use an automated sprinkler system, you can rest assured that your yard will receive the water it needs without you having to water it yourself.

If you are tired of watering your lawn on your own or if you are concerned that your efforts are not adequate to keep your yard healthy, you can invest in a sprinkler system. A local landscaping company can assist you with the installation process.

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