August 31, 2017

Dog with tennis ball

Even with indoor pets, your furry friends probably love playing in your yard. Unfortunately, you may not be aware of all the dangers that are hiding around your seemingly-safe property. Let’s take a look at five ways your lawn can be dangerous for your pets without proper lawn care practices.

  1. Unruly Trees

Your grass may be healthy and well-maintained, but what do you see when you look at your trees? Are there any limbs that could give way under heavy wind or snow? If so, you’ll definitely want to have those branches trimmed. For a pet owner, nothing is more terrifying than looking out the window and seeing your pet pinned beneath a branch.

  1. Poor Lawn Equipment Storage

You just finished working on your lawn, but did you remember to safely store all of your tools? If your lawn equipment is stored in an open space like a wheelbarrow or on a patio, there’s a real chance your pet could get hurt if it tries to explore. Some of the most dangerous yard tools include:

  • Saws
  • Shears
  • Lawn mowers

To minimize the risk of these tools injuring your pet, be sure to store them in a secure, enclosed space like a shed or garage.

  1. Toxic Mulch

You purchased a new brand of mulch to help bring life back to your garden, but do you know what’s in it? Some mulch is formulated with cocoa bean to help give it a more appealing smell, but this same cocoa will attract dogs to it and can prove fatal when ingested by your canine. Only use a mulch after verifying with your lawn care provider that it’s safe for any and all of your pets.

  1. Dog eating grassChoking Hazards

Toys aren’t just choking hazards for young children, but they can be equally dangerous for dogs. When left on the lawn, dogs will often chew up toys and can either choke on the pieces or chew up firm plastic that then goes on to cause damage to their digestive systems. If a toy wasn’t made for your dog or cat, then you’ll want to take it inside when your pet is playing outdoors.

  1. Algae-Ridden Water

A small body of water can be a popular spot for your pets to cool off, but it’s important to keep that water fresh and clear. During the summer, many homeowners begin to notice a thick layer of algae developing in response to all the heat. A thirsty or overheating dog is likely to try drinking this water, and the algae can cause anything from weakness and lethargy to vomiting and death. Err on the safe side by keeping any water clear and safe for pets to drink.

Lawn Safety Makes For Happy Pets

Lawn safety is an integral part of proper lawn care. Consider these five common dangers to your pets, and make sure your yard is safe and welcoming for even the furry members of your family.