March 9, 2017

retaining wall garden with pink and white flowersLandscaping efforts are often only as good as the enhancements strategically placed throughout the region. For example, plants around a focal point can make all the difference in the world. Likewise, the right mulch can turn a beautiful garden into a breathtaking piece of paradise. Of course, it helps to stay on top of everything by keeping furnishings up-to-date and tending to plants. They are all very simple efforts to enhance your landscaping, but every single suggestion is worth every ounce of effort.

Beautifying Focal Points

Some focal points are, by design, architectural masterpieces such as elegant entrances and luxurious clubhouses. However, others are not quite the beautiful scene one would hope for, like street signs. That isn’t to say you cannot take steps to make them more attractive. In fact, a beautiful way to enhance focal points is to add plants. If you lack the space to plant anything, invest in matching planters to draw the eye and beautify the area with a touch of green.

A Contrasting Touch

A variety of plants, from trees to flowers, are used in HOA Landscaping to beautify the neighborhood as well as create a natural paradise. However, the missing piece that will set the plants off and make the area a breathtaking sight to behold is mulch. In fact, selecting the right mulch helps to make the plants pop and adds depth to flowerbeds with sharp, clean lines. Better yet, mulch not only helps prevent weeds but also aids in holding moisture in to reduce water usage.

Stay on Top of Furnishings

Gazebo with many flowersA couple of park benches add a touch of class that is difficult to compete with. That is unless the paint has chipped off the iron or the wood has faded and rotted. Likewise, trash cans, recycling cans, and pottery that looks tired and worn out will drag the rest of your HOA Landscaping down with it. Rather than allow a worn bench detract from the area’s overall appearance, stay on top of your furnishing by:

  • Repairing damaged furniture
  • Replacing destroyed furnishings
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint once a year

Prune Your Plants

Plants do indeed add a fresh, natural kind of beauty people find relaxing and peaceful. However, dying and dead plants seem to sap the energy out of an otherwise beautiful park or walkway. However, untended bushes and plants growing out of control serve to add a quality of wilderness some people appreciate. In short, stay on top of the foliage by clearing out dead plants, tending dying plants, and keeping everything pruned and clean.

Enhancing HOA Landscaping doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort, just a creative touch. A prime example is adding mulch to make plants pop or adding some plants around focal points to beautify them. Granted, keeping furnishing beautiful rather than worn out and staying on top of your landscaping will ensure your neighborhood is indeed a breathtaking paradise.