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Standing Water in Yard

If you’ve ever gone out into your yard and found a muddy or wet spot, or even a puddle, you’ve experienced the effects of standing water. After The Heavy RainOf course, there have likely been times when your entire yard was muddy or wet which is, of course, normal. However, if that wetness is isolated to one or two spots in an otherwise dry yard that means you likely have a drainage problem. This excessive moisture is called standing water, and it can be a real problem if it is not properly dealt with. Standing water can kill your grass and any other plants in the area by suffocating them, greatly damaging the aesthetic appeal of your yard. It can also create an ideal habitat for certain pests, including mosquitoes, which can carry diseases which can be damaging to you and your loved ones. Below are a few of the ways which standing water can develop. Taking strides to avoid the following items or occurrences can help you avoid the problem of standing water, perhaps permanently. Whether you have a problem now or you’re looking to avoid one Twin Oaks is ready and waiting to help.

  • Poor Soil: Water can only pass through and be disseminated amongst soil if it is porous enough to be breached. If your soil is overly compacted water may have a hard time breaking through the surface. This is to the detriment of your plants, as they will not be able to receive many of the nutrients they require, and your yard in general, as if the water has nowhere to go it will become standing water. Twin Oaks can help you deal with this problem with their aeration service which will loosen up and invigorate your soil. This problem is more difficult to solve if your soil is simply of poor quality. If your soil is composed primarily of a material like heavy clay standing water might be a recurrent problem for you in the future.
  • Changing Your Landscaping: At Twin Oaks we obviously support the idea of altering one’s landscaping. However, if you’re going to do so you shouFlooded Park And Riverld certainly hire a professional, and you should consider your options carefully. A new hardscape like a wall or patio can divert falling water’s natural path, creating pockets of standing water, but trees and other plants can as well. The only option then is to move the offending item or to alter your landscape in some other way. Twin Oaks can help with both of these options, but if you use our service to install the plant or hardscape in question we won’t have to.  When creating hardscapes, we take in to consideration drainage.
  • A Leaky Irrigation System: Gutters and downspouts are meant to transport water to a more beneficial location, but sometimes they don’t do their job very well. Many systems simply dump the excess water they contain out onto their owner’s yard, creating pools of standing water. Twin Oaks can redesign or replace your irrigation system to make it far more effective.
  • A Poor Grade: If you’re experiencing problems with standing water the issue might be your yard’s landscaping. If your yard is at an unfavorable grade, meaning that it slopes towards your house, or it doesn’t slope at all, that could lead to pockets of standing water developing. Even if your yard has an appropriate grade a neighboring yard with an unfavorable one might pose a problem. Unfortunately you may not be able to get them to change their landscaping, but you can adapt yours to negate the problems caused by theirs. No matter how you need to alter your yard’s landscape, Twin Oaks can help.

Of course, each case is totally different and unique. You and your neighbor might both have standing water in your yard for completely different reasons. You might even have it there for multiple reasons. When you hire Twin Oaks to solve your standing water issue, we’ll begin by doing a thorough investigation of the local environment to find the culprit. Then, we’ll work with you on a completely customized and personalized plan to deal with your specific problem in a way that takes the specific realities of your application into consideration. With our help, you can get your yard looking better than ever in no time. That’s our promise to you.