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332Enhance the Beauty of Your Property With a Custom Softscape

If you want to enhance the beauty of your yard or common area without making massive changes to the landscape or sacrificing greenery softscapes are an ideal answer. Composed almost entirely of plants like trees, shrubs, ground covers and grass, softscapes use soil as a basis for all further development. Unlike hardscapes, softscapes are composed entirely of living matter. As such, the plants you choose for your application must correspond to the realities of your location, including the climate, soil type and level of sun and moisture the area is able receive. At Twin Oaks we’ll work in tandem with you to find the perfect plants for your softscape, the kind that will flourish in your specific location while simultaneously catching the eye of all who come across them. We use only the finest plant materials to create ideal aesthetic combinations. We guarantee your total satisfaction with our choices.

How Can Twin Oaks Build You the Perfect Softscape?


  • We’ll pick ideal plants for your specific application. A plant might be beautiful, but if it’s ill suited to its location its beauty may not last for long. It is absolutely imperative to pick the right plants for your specific area. Does your yard receive a good deal of sun or is it shady? How often and heavily does it rain in your area? How hot or cold is it generally? How extreme are the fluctuations in temperature you experience throughout the seasons?  What type of soil do you have access to. All of these questions can go a long way in determining the makeup of your softscape. Choose wisely, and it will endure. Choose wrong, and it will rapidly fade.
  • We pay equal attention to aesthetics and functionality. We’ll not only pick plants which match your application, we’ll choose ones which look beautiful as well. There’s no point in building a softscape if you’re willing to sacrifice aesthetics completely. With Twin Oaks you won’t have to make that choice. We simply pick the right plants every time.
  • We can help you fill in each element of your softscape. There’s more to a softscape than just plants. You might also require mulch or a ground cover. You might need to aerate or refresh your soil. Perhaps you even want to plant bigger items like trees or shrubs to give your softscape a more dramatic impact. At Twin Oaks we can help with all of that, and more.
  • We’re qualified. With more than 20 years of experience on our side, Twin Oaks is a fully certified and trusted landscaping company, the kind which you can depend on to accomplish a job effectively. Come find out the difference that kind of experience can make today.