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  1. Adding trees and shrubs to the landscape is not an everyday occurrence, in fact, planting trees in your yard is something you rarely do. Unless you move onto a new property, you might not plant trees at all. This is especially true if the original trees were selected correctly and planted properly. Trees and shrubs enhance the appearance of your home and increase property values. Trees should be able to withstand winter storms without too much damage.

  2. When you finally leave the 9-5 grind and you have an entire weekend in front of you, for some people, the last thing you want to do is spend your entire weekend working on your yard.

    Granted, it’s not that hard to run a lawn mower every other week, water the grass and sprinkle it with a healthy dose of fertilizer a couple of times a year?

    However, how much is your time worth?

    Are you actually working harder, not smarter?

    The reality is lawn and yard maintenance is harder than you think. While running around your front yard with a lawn mower may help you keep up with your weekly workout steps; a healthy and lush looking lawn requires a lot of work and expertise.

    You need to maintain proper aeration, use expert soil analysis to determine what fertilizer to use, ensure proper control and keep weeds outs.

    Between keeping up with the latest fertilizers in the market and the new risks associated with your favorite pesticide, you might find yourself exposing you and your loved ones to more harm than necessary.

    There are different factors to consider if you are looking to maintain a healthy-looking lawn:

    Mowing Education

    Every time you opt for the DIY route, you will find yourself choosing to cut the grass as short as possible to prevent the frequency of your lawn mowing sessions.

    While this may seem like a smart move, taking out too much grass stresses the blades, making it more prone to disease and pests.

    Professionals understand the right height for different types of grass, thus your grass will grow healthier with a stronger and deeper root system, which improves hydration.

    This way, your lawn looks fuller and more attractive all year round.

    Fertilizer Application

    How confident are you that the fertilizer you got at the store is the right one for your grass at this time of the year?

    The fertilizer choices you make can affect the health of your grass, with dire consequences on the environment.

    Over-fertilizing your lawn gives a false sense of progress; too much nitrogen may make your grass look thicker, however, it does not improve root growth creating unnecessary pressure below the surface.

    Other fertilizer types burn the laws and runoff entering and poisoning groundwater.

    Professionals will choose the right type and amount for different seasons.

    Since they maintain records of your lawn, they will come to you at the right time, giving your lawn the love and care it deserves.

    Equipment and Product Handling

    Basic equipment handling requires that you sharpen your lawn mower regularly to avoid tearing the grass blade and for a clean cut, that protects your grass from diseases and damage.

    Be honest, when was the last time you sharpened the blades of your mower?

    In addition to your lawn mower, you need a whole plethora of professional equipment to keep your grass healthy all year round.

    Professional landscapers serve a wide range of clients and take pride in providing you with the best equipment for your lawn.

    You can trust that your grass will receive the TLC is deserves.

    Additionally, the small fee you pay to the professionals does not compare to the crippling amounts you may have to pay to maintain or replace your equipment when it fails due to age or mishandling.

    Additionally, professional lawnmowers have licenses and permits that give them access to fertilizers you may not find at your local store.

    Working with professionals also saves you from worrying about your children or their friends getting into the fertilizer.

    Environmental Protection

    Fertilizers and pesticides in the hands of an inexperienced professional may create more problems then solve.

    They can create serious health and environmental concerns if handled improperly.
    If you have animals in the home that feed on vegetation, you risk exposing them to harmful chemicals.

    You need to also consider the potential runoff of chemicals from a passing storm or rain shower.

    Value For Your Time

    What sounds better?

    Spending your Saturday running a lawn mower around the yard or setting up a picnic in your backyard as you run after your children on a Saturday afternoon?

    There is no value in taking risks that might put you, your loved ones and the environment in danger while you good invest your time in activities that add value to your life.

    Your time is valuable; let the professionals sweat the small stuff while you spend your time on the things that really matter such as your family and your professional growth.

    Dependability and Consistency

    When you are looking to keep your lawn looking healthy all year round, you might feel the need to invest your time and resources keeping up with “The Jones”.

    However, unexpected events such as a trip abroad for a work assignment or a sudden trip with your loved ones might have you far away from your lawn when it needs your attention.

    While working with professionals, they will schedule all the work needed for your lawn, with a team coming in even when you are away.

    You can trust that they will take care of your yard even when you skip town.

    DIY Tips

    If you still believe in DIY, you are better off working alongside professionals.

    The landscaping company you engage will help you with tips to help you get your feel of the land on a regular basis without exposing yourself.

    Let the professionals handle bigger projects like mulching and fertilization.

    They will be able to help provide you with the right combination of materials for your specific lawn and soil composition.

    When to Call a Professional

    The team of professionals at Twin Oaks Landscape understands what your lawn needs throughout the year.

    They will keep the grass looking lush in readiness for the summer birthday parties and even help you maintain a kitchen garden with your favorite herbs.

    If you are looking for a professional lawn and landscape maintenance crew for your home, consider giving Twin Oaks Landscape a call today for a free estimate on your property.

  3. Finding the right commercial landscaping company to take care of the common areas of a residential community can be a particularly daunting task for the staff of a homeowner’s association.

    In addition to meeting the needs of the association’s budget, the staff member assigned with the task must also satisfy the sometimes unusually excessive demands of the neighborhood’s residents.

    With those thoughts in mind, here are just a few suggestions on what you should consider before making a final decision:


    A quality landscaping company is capable of handling a wide variety of residential and commercial tasks.

    Simply being able to mow a lawn or trim a bush is not enough.

    In fact, the best ones can also trim – or completely remove! – a tree, install and maintain a sprinkler system and even construct a stone retaining wall.

    In addition, the best landscaping companies will not only properly maintain the communal property of a neighborhood in an ongoing manner but also offer proactive suggestions as to how best to keep it in top form.


    With the above said, it should also be noted that book knowledge is one thing, but practical experience is quite another.

    Look for a landscape maintenance company that has a proven track record of dealing with relatively large projects.

    An HOA of any reasonable size will have a multitude of projects that need to be undertaken at the same time.

    These types of projects can range from mowing the traffic medians located along a neighborhood’s throughways to trimming the trees around utility poles to maintaining the grounds on an abandoned property.

    You can also count on your landscaping company to offer snow removal in the winter. By having dedicated staff, even in the offseason, shows how committed your landscaper is to their customers.


    One of the simplest ways to check their reputation is to see how long the landscaper has been in business, how they are rated by the local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau, as well as how previous customers rate them.

    The vast majority of landscapers are run by local business owners and depend on their reputation in the community.

    Try asking your friends and neighbors about their experience with a landscaper. You might find one you haven’t considered.

    Local Ties

    As mentioned, landscaping companies are heavily dependent on their reputation within the local community including the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

    In fact, word-of-mouth advertising through these organizations and previous clients is actually the best way for them to generate new business – especially on a commercial basis.

    For that single reason, it strongly behooves a locally-based landscaping company to take good care of its customers.

    HOA property managers looking for new landscaping company should look into these areas and also determine that the potential company fulfills all its requirements as pertains to licensing, bonding and insurance.


    As the old adage goes, “The proof is in the pudding.” In other words, a landscape company’s portfolio of completed projects is one of the best indicators of their competence.

    Any HOA tasked with making the decision about which landscaping company to hire should take the time and make the effort to physically visit the neighborhoods indicated and examine for themselves the quality of the completed landscaping work.


    There are a number of sub-specialties in the landscaping world. For example, two of the most common involve one above ground – lighting – and another below – namely drainage.

    Each has its own intricacies and it is important to find a landscaping firm that is aware of and experienced in the areas you might need for your HOA property.

    Lighting experts can significantly improve the aesthetics of an area with their expertise.  For safety and security, exterior lighting should be a priority in your landscaping estimate.

    A landscaping company that is also an expert in drainage issues offers a far more practical benefit – namely by removing excess water that pools on the lawn, on walkways, other green spaces, and around the foundation of homes.

    When one of the properties in your HOA has a water issue, having an experienced drainage expert already on call will go a long way to soothing fears of your residents.


    Communication is key with your landscaping company.  You need to make sure they understand your vision but also are accessible if you have any questions or need clarification.

    In addition, your landscaping contractor will come across as professional, knowledgeable and reliable.

    It’s important to have a dedicated account manager, someone who understands your needs, so you’re not constantly leaving messages for different people.

    The HOA Budget

    As with any other contracting service, an HOA should expect to get what it pays for.

    On the other hand, it does not do you or your landscaper a benefit if you’re not correctly communicating what work you need to be done.

    Make sure you get a detailed comprehensive estimate, so you can really compare apple to apples during the bidding process.

    In other words, the association should not skimp on the basics included in a landscaping budget or they will probably end up spending even more on remedial work.

    In addition, the HOA should budget some extra money for such things as emergency maintenance situations and derelict properties.

    Hire The Best Partner

    You need to make sure your landscaper has the experience and expertise you need for your HOA property.

    Make a list of questions to ask prospective landscape management companies and ask about the process when working with a new HOA client.

    You should feel comfortable with their answers and confident in hiring the very best landscaper for your property.

    If you’re looking for a landscaper who will work with you to create a unified vision for your HOA property, contact Twin Oaks Landscape today!

  4. It is that time of the year again, and you need to find the right landscaper for your homeowner’s association (HOA).

    How do you make the right decision when you have several landscaping companies presenting you with offers that look similar?

    Ideally, you want to get a company that upholds the standards of your community and is willing to work with your HOA to improve the quality of life in the community.


  5. If you are like most Ann Arbor property owners, then you want a yard design that adds curb appeal to your home along with value. When you are short on ideas, then a stop on a professional landscape company website can give you plenty of new inspiration for your yard. Michigan homeowners can watch what plants do in the wild to give them innovative ideas that are easy to care for and maintain.


  6. Property owners can leave money on the table by not investing in their outdoor spaces.

    Through incorporating hardscape features like patios, you can boost a company’s value, generate more interest from potential customers, and maximize earning potential for businesses.

    An outdoor space, like a patio, increases occupancy during warmer months, providing opportunities to drive business and offer different services.


  7. Old man winter has certainly arrived, with much of the United States experiencing record-setting low temperatures, heavy snow, and high winds.

    While landscaping may not be the first thing to come to property owners’ minds during the colder months, it’s important to remember that the winter season is actually a great time to hire a commercial landscape maintenance company.