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Mowing Program

Keep Your Yard Neat and Beautiful With Our Mowing Program

professionally-mowedMost of us mow our lawns on a fairly regular basis, but for some the process doesn’t seem particularly significant. After all, we commonly think of mowing as being purely cosmetic. Those of us who want to have an attractive yard will mow often, and those of us who don’t particularly care will only mow occasionally. What you may not realize is that regular mowing is absolutely essential if you want to have a healthy, beautiful lawn. The cosmetic element is certainly there, and it absolutely should not be downplayed, but there are myriad other advantages to mowing regularly as well. Here are just a few of them:

The Advantages of Regular Mowing

  • Firstly, it cannot be denied that a carefully mowed lawn does simply look better than one which has not been mowed in some time or even one which has been mowed haphazardly. A properly mowed lawn can really increase the overall aesthetic impact of your home and make your property seem much more orderly, well-maintained and desirable for a potential buyer.
  • Mowing regularly can eliminate many pests which might otherwise negatively impact the growth of your plants. This is a tangential advantage, and it’s not the best way to eliminate said pests, but the fact is that mowing will often help to minimize or even eliminate problems you weren’t even aware of.
  • Mowing, or preparing to mow, keeps you on the lookout for debris which might negatively effect your mower. The truth is that this debris can often be a detriment to your plants as well, so removing it will likely benefit not only your mower, but your lawn as well.


  • Often, bigger plants will need to gather more resources to survive, meaning that there are less for the smaller plants in your yard. By making every blade of grass the same height you’ll ensure that those resources and nutrients are spread evenly throughout your yard, leaving nothing in need.
  • Grass clippings make for excellent fertilizer. Leaving them scattered throughout your yard can really improve your soil and help your plants to grow.

Why Call Twin Oaks to Do Your Mowing?

Of course, you could simply mow your lawn yourself, but there are certain benefits to hiring a professional to get the job done instead. Twin Oaks is extremely thorough when it comes to mowing. We’ll not only make sure your entire lawn is uniform and beautiful, working around obstacles  and making sure every area of your yard is addressed, we’ll clean up when we’re done. We’ll get any and all grass clippings blown off of your nearby hardscapes and away from any planting beds, and we’ll make sure the remainder of those clippings are scattered throughout your yard so that your plants will be able to benefit from their nutritive content. We promise to leave your yard looking beautiful every time.