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Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management is an essential part of maintaining the overall infrastructure – similar to the maintenance needed on your roads and parking lots. In addition, it retains the function of the system as it was originally intended to do; the value of the property itself and finally the aesthetics of the community or commercial property, be it large or small.

We have multi-year agreement with a local community where they have over 1300 homes, including 11 condominium associations. The scope of work includes, but is not limited too, maintaining their infrastructures such as storm watch ditches, their retention and detention ponds.

Why is it important for a Neighborhood Association? Maintenance of this is extremely important for a neighborhood’s streets, common areas, and homeowner’s lawn’s to permit water run-off in to the storm sewers that lead to their ponds, that ultimately lead to rivers, etc. If you have natural vegetation growth within these storm sewers, the capacity to flow is blocked, and therefore flow is dammed up, and the water has nowhere to go, and will eventually flood in to undesired areas, including homeowner’s properties. Our programs assist in reducing the likelihood of this flooding.