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Tree and Shrub Pruning and Care

Keep Your Yard Looking Great With Tree and Shrub Pruning and Care

professional-pruningOften landscaping projects will focus on smaller plants like grass and flowers. For many the idea of trying to control larger plants, trees for example, can be somewhat daunting. However, just because a plant seems large and unwieldy that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to ignore it. Careful pruning of trees and shrubs is very important if you want to keep those. Of course, it’s easier to hire a professional to accomplish these tasks than it is to do them yourself, but regardless they must be done. Here are a few facts about tree and shrub pruning, including what doing so might involve, why the process is important and show how Twin Oaks can help you accomplish this key task today.

Tree and Shrub Shearing

  • Every year your trees and shrubs will continue to grow. This is a very good thing, but only up to a point. Without regular shearing their growth can get out of hand. This can be detrimental to the aesthetic of your yard and to the health of the plants themselves.
  • The basic idea of shearing is to remove most of the new growth your trees or shrubs have experienced over the past year. This helps to preserve their shape and keeps them from getting overgrown. Also, as trees and shrubs continue to grow they can begin to partially suffocate themselves, not allowing their lower braches the ability to reach light and thus causing them to suffer.
  • Shearing is generally done twice, once in May or June and once in July or August to ensure that your plants are able to take in light at this vital time.


Tree and Shrub Pruning

  • Pruning is essential for keeping your plants healthy and disease-free. It can help keep pests away and promote proper growth.
  • First of all, any areas on your plants which have already been ravaged by disease or pests should be removed. Generally, these undesirable influences enter your plants through dead, broken or damaged areas, so these should be removed quickly.
  • By carefully cutting back tips, branches and stems you can promote healthy growth.
  • It’s also important to sheer any branches which might get in your way regularly, such as those which might not provide adequate room for people or vehicles, or they’re interfering with any nearby buildings.