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  1. For the most beautiful and vibrant display of annual and perennial plants in your outdoor beds and borders, maintenance is required. The amount of care may vary for different species, but there are virtually no care-free living specimens.


    Locating the Flower Beds

    To minimize care and make things easier when watering and feeding, locate together those flowers that need similar care. For instance, put those needing full sun together (in a sunny spot). If you are adding new beds, consider asking a landscape professional about the best location on your property.



    Water according to the needs of most of the specimens. During the hottest days of summer, all things growing will need water. Those that grow in full sun may need a soaking once or twice a week or substantial water every day. Shade grown specimens may require less water.


    Feeding Correctly

    Feeding is beneficial for all varieties during their growing season. Proper nutrients encourage growth and development and make blooms last longer.

    Feed plants with regular fertilizer or with organic products. A side or top dressing of compost will promote growth. However, be sure to use care with homemade compost as it may be more powerful than you realize. Too much nitrogen in any form can create a large, beautiful foliage plant, but blooms may not develop without the right nutrients. Rest assured that your local landscaping professional knows how to feed the flowers.

    Differences Between Annuals and Perennials

    Sometimes, care for annuals is different than for perennials. As annuals complete their lifespan during the first year of growth, perennials can sometimes take a few years to develop optimum bloom. During this time of development, perennials will need food, water, and possibly, pruning.

    Annual flowers put on a show for a season and are usually removed and replaced. Pansies planted in late winter may be replaced with Petunias in late spring. If the pansies remain in the ground, they produce seeds and finish their lifespan. Self-seeding annuals have their place in the landscape design but can quickly get out of hand. You may find the entire bed filled with them in coming years.


    Shrubs and Trees

    These are a few reasons why a regular visit from a landscape professional is best for maintaining plants in the flower bed. Year-round care for shrubs and trees is another reason. Flowering shrubs need pruning and shaping, but doing this at the wrong time can remove the blooms for a season.

    Trees need pruning for shape when they are young. Dead and damaged branches must be removed from all trees before they become flying missiles during a strong storm. Maintaining your valuable investment in shade trees includes checking for pests.


    Rely on knowledgeable landscape professionals for pruning and care at the right time for flowers, shrubs and trees. Consider a weekly or monthly maintenance plan to keep all the specimens in your yard looking their best.


  2. Fertilizer or plant food allows gardens and lawns to grow better. It adds nitrogen and other essential nutrients to the soil. Just like people, plants require certain chemicals to grow. Plant food provides plants with those chemicals. A hardware store recommends looking at the count of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium on the fertilizer bag that you buy.


    Vegetable Garden

    Growing great fruit and vegetables requires that they have enough plant food. Many garden plants are too small because the owners are not aware of the necessary nutrients that their particular type of plant requires.

    It is possible to make plant food at home using your own dead plants. It requires developing a compost pile. You grab food scraps and dead leaves and put them outside for a while. It helps if they are chopped up into little pieces. Gradually, the raw organic matter decays and turns into a soggy mass that is useful for adding nutrients to your garden.


    Proper Equipment

    Getting the right type of fertilizer spreader is important. For a lawn, it is helpful to have a mechanical spreader that sprays the plant food over a large area. Some of these machines operate by hand pump. You rotate the pump, and it distributes the hard chemical plant food over a broad area.

    The DIY network warns about the danger of too much fertilization. Sometimes, in our urgency to get the lawn or garden growing, it is easy to add too much plant food. This can damage the plant. Thinking in a balanced manner protects your garden from chemical burns. Plants have sensitive fibers and cells, and these can be damaged if too many heavy salts are added to the soil.


    Organic Plant Food

    Some types of plant food are developed from dung or manure. Although this might sound gross, it is actually a helpful product to consider if your garden is stubbornly refusing to grow. Manure often has well-digested nitrogen and it is more environmentally conscious than synthetic plant food. Synthetic plant food is often not as biodegradable as manure. Although manure smells bad, it is good to consider using it for your garden if you like protecting the environment. Manure can increase the quality of your soil over the long term. This is helpful if you want to have a garden that lasts years.

    To treat a garden properly requires paying attention to the amount of plant food that each plant is getting. Some plants might be more susceptible to being over fertilized than others. Wet lawns might fail if they are over fertilized.


    Our landscaping company wants to make your home and lawn environment natural and beautiful. Our staff is committed to quality customer service. Getting your garden growing is not hard when you hire professionals to get the job done. Treat yourself to a good landscaping job and wow your neighbors after it is done. Ann Arbor, Michigan is a warm and wet place to stay, and that is just why our landscaping service is helpful to our customers.


  3. Now is the time to get your lawn in shape for the summer season. The snow has melted, the sun is out, and your lawn will be the center of attention not just for you, but for everyone that comes across it. You might have already noticed signs of neglect, such as leaves left behind from the fall and overgrown grass from last summer. The first step is to clear away all debris, such as sticks, dead grass, leaves, and garbage.


    Out With the Old and in With the New

    The first step in landscaping is to clear away all the old remnants from seasons past. By using an easy four step process, your yard can be ready in no time.

    • First start off by removing all garbage that has blown onto your property.
    • Secondly, rake up any leaves left behind and pick up any large tree branches that may have fallen during spring storms.
    • Next, give your lawn a nice healthy mow and bag up all the excess grass.
    • Finally, take all the bags of lawn clippings to a proper disposal site.


    Get Summer Ready With Landscaping Around Your Home

    It’s always fun to have that lawn that stands out and catches the attention of those that walk by. An easy, colorful, and practical solution to breathing new life into your lawn is by adding a garden! A garden can help create a beautiful backyard space. You can plant flowers or vegetables in a designated area. Get crafty by adding a fence, bird feeders, and wooden signs all around it.


    Be unique by adding lights around trees and fences. You can capture the sun by drilling holes into your fence and adding colored marbles.  These will reflect gorgeous colors all across your yard when the sun catches them. You can also add string lights in trees and place lights along pathways to make it safer and more sophisticated. This won’t only make your home safer, it will also look more sophisticated. This helps to create a homey feel.

    Leave the Big Landscaping Projects to the Professionals

    Finally, leave the landscaping to the professionals when working on bigger projects, such as brickwork, patios, and walkways. The professionals will use the highest quality materials to help create a unique brickwork design that will capture and delight you, your family, and your guests! Professionals will work with you to incorporate your ideas with their experience in order to create the backyard of your dreams. Patios and walks are some of the defining aspects of a backyard landscape. Professionals can help you to create a beautiful outdoor gathering space. It’s all about the aesthetic appeal and they know exactly what materials to use and patterns to create in order to create the best space possible for you and your family.


    Conclusion: What are you Waiting for?

    There is no reason to have a sub-par lawn this time of the year. The weather is perfect for landscaping. A front lawn and backyard in tip-top shape not only increases the value of your house, but it also makes you feel better about living there. You’ll be more inclined to have people over, spend time outdoors, and breathe in the fresh air. A well taken care of yard is one of the keys to happiness. Therefore, don’t delay and get it taken care of right away.


  4. Not many people spend as much time as they should thinking about their pavements. Like every other part of your home, there are more ways to pave the pavement than you know. The installation of a different type of pavement can update your home’s curb appeal and change the entire appearance of your home overall. On the other hand, using the wrong paving material could be the reason your house looks drab and dated. Below is a handy guide that can help you determine the ideal pavement in Ann Arbor Michigan.


    Concrete Pavements

    Concrete is the oldest standby material for roadways. There are two main reasons for most suburban homes opting for this material. The first reason is that it is durable, and the second reason is that it is virtually, maintenance-free. However, the material also has a downside. For instance, concrete stains quickly, especially, if you are fond of making car repairs that could lead to oil spills on the pavement. Also, if you live in cooler climates, it might not be advisable to have a concrete pavement, because it will need frequent removal of ice, which breaks down the concrete.


    Asphalt Pavements

    An asphalt pavement is made by combining sand, rock, asphalt, and cement. Most of these pavements typically come in basic black, but you can stamp different designs onto your pavement to make it unique. The material is popular, because it is easy to install and cheap. If you have a vast and long pavement to cover, this is the ideal material for you. On the other hand, you will need a lot of maintenance to keep the pavement looking fresh and to get long service out of it.


    Gravel pavements

    These pavements are made of loose gravel poured into a barrier. If you have a long and winding driveway in the countryside with attractive landscaping, then this is an excellent pavement material. The material is interesting because of the low cost and ease of installation, however, you will have to rake up the gravel from time to time, and replace the gravel every few years.


    Brick Pavements

    If you want a classic feel to your pavement, then the ideal material to use is brick. A perimeter is created and the bricks are layered across. Even though the cost of a brick is a little more expensive than other materials, when the material is installed right, it can last for decades.



    Cobblestone is the ideal material to use when you want to create an old world feel in your pavement. The great thing about the material is that even though it is a little costly, it can last for decades when it is installed in the right manner. A little wear and tear makes it look more classic.


    Other materials that can be used for pavements include glass and green alternatives which work best in areas where grass grows easily.

    Those are some of the most common types of driveways in the country. When making a selection, think about the cost of installing the path, the cost of maintenance, the local weather, durability of the material, and whether you will be using the way to work on your vehicles. Consult with competent contractors, and make the right choice for your driveway in Ann Arbor Michigan.


  5. Soil fertility is essential for plant growth. Often, however, many people do not keep track of the condition of the soil they use. The results are evident in the increased land sizes that are becoming infertile. Small scale landscape projects are also guilty of contributing to infertile soils due to poor land management. Consequently, many of their plants and landscaping works give sub-optimal results. Over time, increased infertility, if not tackled, will lead to land being completely barren. Here are a few causes of soil infertility and land barrenness to consider and avoid.


    • Soil Structure

    When the soil has many large particles, it becomes highly oxygenated but drains water quickly. Conversely, when soil particles are too small, water will flow at a decreased rate, but the oxygen levels drop. Sandy and clay soils have large and fine soil particles, respectively, and both represent examples of infertile soils that lead to barren land.

    Consequently, it is exceptionally hard for any landscape project to bear fruit if you own a beach house or your home is surrounded by rocky terrain. However, there are methods to bypass this set of problems where your natural soil is not dependable. Consulting a landscaping firm will help you determine what will work best for you.


    • Acidity

    Homeowners should be cautious of the type and levels of fertilizers they use in their backyards. Nitrogenous fertilizers, for example, are notorious at making the soil more acidic. If you apply it often on your soil, be advised to have your soil pH levels regularly analyzed to check how low they are before the fertility is drastically affected. The acidic state leads to plants requiring more energy to absorb nutrients from the soil. To this end, a professional landscaper is also recommendable, if you consistently use commercial fertilizers (as different types affect the soil pH differently).


    • Pollution

    Continuous use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides plays a significant role to soils being unproductive and barren. The above contaminants adversely affect the soil and the microorganisms found in the soil and should only be applied to your lawn on the recommendation of a professional. Failure to adhere to this will drastically affect the soil’s ability to support plant life and make the soil lose minerals faster. Additionally, organisms present in the soil are also at risk with improper use of these synthetic chemicals. Therefore, continuous use of chemical additives should only be done by a professional landscaping company for the soil to remain fertile and support plant life.


    The Effects of Barren and Infertile Soil

    • Adverse effects of plant growth: Primarily, it affects how arable land is. When unsuitable to support plant life, none will flourish when planted on such soil. No matter the efforts put in, the garden will yield unfavorable results.


    • Increased desertification: Drought and aridity set in when soil fails to support plant life. Consequently, the desertification process is highly amplified, and previously productive areas become arid.


    • Increased flooding: The soil has less ability to hold water. More flood instances occur as a result, because the land is unable to soak and retain water.


    Based on this, it is clear how soil fertility can be a sensitive issue when it comes to landscaping. Nothing should be left to chance. A qualified landscaping company with years experience can save you a great deal by helping your soil maintain its fertility through proper management. Consulting one is, therefore, highly recommended.


  6. Landscape decor should have a focal point rather than planting flowers, trees, and shrubbery randomly. The attention to a particular place in your yard should enhance the effect but never be overpowering.

    How To Create Focus

    You can create focus of a particular place with a variety of natural or man-made elements including:

    • Trees
    • Shrubbery
    • Boulders
    • Gazebo or Pergola
    • Fountain
    • Pond

    Whatever you use to create a center of attention with your landscape design, it should be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.


    The Purpose of Landscaping

    Landscaping design is used to compliment the architecture and decor of your home. The idea is to draw the eye to a focal point in the yard and work around it. The flowers and plants you choose for landscaping your yard is the fun part, but with unlimited choices, it can be overwhelming. When deciding on colors, you can pick colors that are complimentary or contrasting. You can start with a small area and add to it or landscape your entire outdoor space. Make sure to have a focal point that you work around.


    Landscaping Techniques To Beautify Your Home

    1. Foundation plantings using shrubs or flowers around the foundation compliment the exterior decor of your home. To focus on a front facing wall with windows, plant decorative shrubbery between the two windows at the foundation and plant other bushes around it symmetrically to draw attention to the center wall. Foundation planting is effective for a home with exterior siding to break up the horizontal lines of the house.


    1. Flank entryways with trees or shrubs, with taller plants at the larger of the doorways. Another way to use the front entryway as a focus point is to plant decorative shrubbery on either side of the front entrance.


    1. Planting to scale can enhance or detract from the landscaping. Trees that grow to great heights shouldn’t be planted near a one-story home. However, planting a flowering tree such as a dogwood will compliment the design of the house and its architectural details.


    1. Framing is a way to enhance distant scenery that’s visible from your property such as a mountain scene. To make the panoramic view the focus, plant a line of shrubbery, flowering trees, or hedges.


    1. Curving lines are effective in creating a relaxed, informal atmosphere with your landscaping design. Curing lines create a more natural setting than a formal garden. Curved line plantings are effective in an area near a small pond or lake on the property as well as a wooded spot. The curved style of plantings works well with one-story, contemporary homes to minimize the straight lines.


    1. Creating focus for a garden can be challenging, whether the space is large or small. When flowers are planted randomly, there’s not a focal point. Some points to remember when creating a focus are:
    • Position the focal point a little off center
    • For a circular garden, place the focal point toward the rear
    • The focus can be a statue, tree, birdbath, or fountain
    • Use seasonal plantings in a group


    A landscaper can work with you to create a beautifully landscaped yard, and advise you about the flowers, trees, and shrubs that will grow well in your area and enhance the appearance of your home.


  7. A gazebo can be an beautiful focal point and gathering spot for your backyard. However, the process of picking one out and shopping for it can be daunting. It can be overwhelming just knowing where to begin. If you are considering a gazebo for your yard, use this guide to help you identify what you want and how you should prepare for it.

    What Will Your Gazebo Be Used For?

    The first step in figuring out what type of gazebo will work best for you is to decide what you intend to use it for. There are nearly endless possibilities, but ultimately, the functionality of the gazebo should be of serious consideration when you are trying to decide which one you want. Below is a list of several different uses for a gazebo to help you determine which one will work best for you.

    Common Uses For A Gazebo

    • A gathering or ceremony like a wedding.
    • A place to get away and relax in the shade.
    • Increase the value of your home or make it more appealing to potential buyers.
    • A place for entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties.
    • A cool and shady place to exercise outdoors.

    Common Types Of Gazebos

    Gazebo on Pond

    While there are many different varieties or types of gazebos, they generally tend to come in two different styles; vinyl and wood. When built with wood, it is standard to build a gazebo with a very sturdy type like cedar or pine. Some people prefer the aesthetic appeal of a wood gazebo, while others enjoy the low-maintenance of the vinyl. When trying to design your gazebo, you have a lot of different options to consider. Here is a breakdown of some things to compare when trying to draw up your design plans:

    What To Compare:

    • Shape -squares, ovals, circles, and octagons are among the most common options when it come to shapes for gazebos
    • Size – the size you select will depend on the size of your yard, as well as, what you intend to use it for. The smallest gazebos tend to average around 8×8, while the larger ones can be as big as 20×40.
    • Siding – When selecting the siding for your gazebo, make sure that it will hold up well in your climate. For example, if you live in an area that is affected by tornadoes or hurricanes, you will want something more sturdy than vinyl.
    • Railings – choose a style of railing that will match both the siding and the exterior design of your house.
    • Roof – the standard options for a gazebo roof are the pagoda and the cupola, as well as, the tiered. However, you can stray from the norm and get creative if you really want your gazebo to stand out.
    • Flooring – While wood flooring has long been the traditional selection of choice for gazebos, composite decking makes an attractive and long-lasting alternative.
    • Amenities – If you plan to spend a lot of time enjoying your gazebo, there are endless ways that you can enhance it, including televisions, a bar, lounge furniture, heating, and cooling. You can also decorate it to make a true oasis right in your very own back yard.

    When preparing for the construction and installation of your new gazebo, you will not only need comprehensive design plans drawn up, but you will also need to allocate a budget for your gazebo building project. Your budget will likely play a significant role in the options you select for your gazebo.


  8. There are many benefits to owning a gazebo. It is a structure with a large variety of uses that can change from day to day and season to season, no matter where you live.


    Relaxation and socializing

    During the summer, a gazebo can provide a shady area to relax and have drinks. Even during rainy days, it can provide shelter for those who would like to spend more time outdoors reading or talking with friends. A gazebo often provide a good location for social engagements or a quiet place for contemplation.

    Cooking and barbecue

    It is also an ideal place for a barbecue. The roof provides shelter for the cook, but the open-air aspect of the gazebo means that the smoke has somewhere to go. The scent of good, old-fashioned barbecue is sure to inspire many family dinners. Safety is important when it comes to flames and smoke, so be sure to put your grill in a good location and keep an eye on it while cooking.


    Photography and film

    A gazebo is also useful as a place for event photography. It can add ambience to any scene, particularly, for proms and weddings. The romantic, architectural styles associated with these structures show up beautifully in both photography and film.



    Owning a gazebo adds to the overall aesthetic of a lawn. These structures can run the gamut from elegant to cozy and express a homeowner’s personal flair. Selecting the right architectural style and finding an ideal location for it is a speciality of many landscaping design firms, which can help tailor the structure to individual needs.


    Practical uses

    A gazebo has many practical uses. Depending upon the needs of the homeowner, it can serve as a functional outbuilding. During the fall and winter, firewood can be stored in the gazebo to keep dry. Some gazebos also offer storage space for tools, skis, rafts, and other items.


    Weddings, parties, and events

    A gazebo also offers a good place for events such as weddings or parties. The structure provides a focal point to the event and adds charm. It can be used as the main area of the event or even as a space for food, snacks, and drinks.


    Cozy winter hideaway

    During the winter, glass can be installed so that it can be used year-round. Adding a few space heaters and blankets turns it into a cozy place for after-dinner conversation and a glass of wine. Regardless of the climate in which your home is located, a gazebo is a great choice for year-round entertainment and socializing.

    Gazebos are a versatile and unique type of structure that add flair to any lawn or backyard by allowing a homeowner to express their own style.These beautiful and cozy structures are a great choice for anyone wanting to provide a special location for weddings, events, barbecues or simply, a quiet place to read a book with a glass of wine on a rainy afternoon.


  9. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is at home. Many homeowners want to have furniture that allows them to enjoy the landscape in their own backyards. Today’s designers make that easier than ever before in 2017. New trends in landscape furniture respond to the needs of buyers with innovative, thoughtful, and even, whimsical ideas that are sure to please anyone in search of the right outdoor furniture.

    Today’s outdoor lifestyle is all about:

    • Color
    • Charm
    • Quality


    Bright Colors

    Homeowner’s today do not shy away from color. They know that a splash of bright red or a lively shade of aquamarine can help set a statement that is all about personal style. The use of colorful furniture can help any backyard feel like a haven from the world and art at the same time.


    Calling on the Tropics

    The warm hues of the tropics are also another style clearly visible in today’s outdoor landscaping furniture. Materials like rattan are popular. Companies are also offering materials like teak and bamboo with carvings like the traditional pineapple — a standard symbol of hospitality in the tropics. Buyers who want to use this theme should look for cushions in tropical prints.


    Using Local Materials

    Many homeowners in 2017 want to incorporate locally popular trends in their home decor. New England homeowners look to sources of inspiration that include Colonial days, leading them to pick out furniture that reflects this period for their backyard with clean lines and little ornamentation. Residents of the southern United States may turn to the antebellum period for inspiration, with more elaborate choices in furnishings that help create an outdoor room and take full advantage of the region’s mild climate.


    Having Outdoor Fun For Everyone

    The backyard is where people of all ages choose to gather today for fun time. Furniture trends reflect this use with innovative and useful items. Buyers are finding small scale pieces that allow children to comfortably sit in between dips in the pool. Older buyers are looking for furniture that allows them to get up more easily and enjoy the backyard even as they age.

    Staying Green

    Buyers today are even more eco-conscious than ever before. Companies are responding accordingly with green items. More and more buyers can now find furniture made from recycled materials that still looks wonderful. Buyers can also find items that do not emit harmful fumes and look great no matter the weather.


    Quality is Back

    Today’s buyers know exactly what they want and what they want is quality in their outdoor furniture. They want beautiful items that are made to last.

    Careful research can help any buyer find exactly what they want at an excellent price. Buyers can locate outdoor furniture that is sure to turn their backyard into the perfect place to see nature firsthand.


  10. Lawns in residential and commercial locations should be mowed regularly, because properly trimmed grass provides many practical benefits. The process of maintaining a yard in order to take advantage of the benefits is easy since there are various landscaping service options in Ann Arbor Michigan.


    Very Strong Grass

    When new grass grows in neighborhoods in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the stalks aren’t very strong. In order to strengthen a lawn, a mower must be used on a regular basis. After grass is cut, the new stalks that begin to grow are always thicker and stronger, and every cluster stands out, because each grass strand has a bold, green color.


    Enhanced Curb Appeal

    In order to increase curb appeal on landscapes, all grass on a lawn must grow evenly. Regular mowing boosts curb appeal by keeping a lawn green; the grass blades hold their bold color, because proper water distribution happens while the stalks are cut. Throughout this process, absorption happens in an efficient manner, because the water reaches the roots by seeping into the soil.


    These perks only happen after a lawn is cut evenly, because sunlight and water can’t access every spot on a landscape when the grass stalks have a different height and thickness. Consistency is the key to enhancing curb appeal, and the best way to maintain a professionally cut lawn is by working with landscapers.


    Easier Mulching

    Mulching is a vital task that benefits yards in Ann Arbor, as mulch protects a landscape by shielding important nutrients that are found in soil. Proper mulch that’s layered around a mowed yard can keep nutrients in the soil during:

    • Heavy rainstorms
    • Minor windstorms
    • Flooding

    Quicker Maintenance

    If the process of tackling lawn maintenance tasks seems like a hassle, regular mowing can simplify typical landscaping routines. Multiple things can impact a lawn, when the grass isn’t mowed, such as diseases, bugs, and weather conditions. These problems don’t affect properties that are trimmed with a lawn mower on a regular basis, because the nutrients in the stalks help an entire lawn recover when harmful elements impact the environment.


    In order to maintain a tidy yard, the grass must be mowed strategically and efficiently throughout the rainy season. Many locals simplify landscaping tasks in Ann Arbor by seeking professional services whenever tall grass needed to be mowed. This approach keeps grass plush, thick, and grass until the cold weather arrives in Ann Arbor.