August 22, 2015

Outdoor PatioEveryone dreams of a gorgeous deck that is made from an exotic wood that truly stands apart from every other deck in the neighborhood. You may have visions in your head of a deck made from teak or cherry. The deck in your head is beautiful, exotic woods will not stand up to extreme temperature changes in Ann Arbor MI. A composite deck will stand up to the weather changes you see in the northern United States, and the deck is much easier to maintain from year to year.

#1: Weather Changes

Composites are created from an amalgam of other woods that was pressed together from other woods in the factory. The composite decking you use has no natural grain, and there are no gaps in the wood that will allow for cracks. The extreme weather changes in Ann Arbor from winter to summer will crack a normal deck, and a deck made from exotic woods would fall apart. You can avoid problems with the deck by using composites.

#2: Painting And Staining

A composite material is much easier to paint than traditional wood, and the wood takes stain much better than a traditional wood. A natural deck takes three or four coats of stain, but a composite structure will take the stain in one or two coats. Paint sticks to your deck much more easily, and you can choose any color you like. Problematic colors for traditional colors can be used with composites, and you will have an opportunity to decorate your home any way you like.

#3: Maintenance

A deck made from composites does not accept dust and dirt as easily as natural wood. Natural wood has grooves and grains that will get dirty easily, and it is very hard to clean up the grains in the wood. Composites will sweep clean easily, and you will learn quickly that the deck does not need heavy cleaning. You can avoid pressure washing your deck, and you can bring out a broom once a week to sweep.

The snow that falls in the winter will not seep into the wood, and the color of the deck will not change unexpectedly. You can expect the deck to be the same color as it was last summer, and you can sweep away snow quickly from the smooth surface.

#4: Damage Potential

The furniture and foot traffic on your deck will damage traditional woods easily. Some hardwoods are not that hard at all, and the furniture alone will cause indentations in the wood. A composite material will not break down under the strain of consistent use, and you can keep your furniture on the deck all year. Let all your guests on the deck, and enjoy using the deck all year without reservation.

Your home in Ann Arbor MI deserves a composite deck that will stand up to consistent use every year. You can paint your deck, clean it up and maintain it with almost no effort. Your neighbors will love visiting, and your family will have an outdoor haven to relax in.

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