May 6, 2014

An outdoor space to enjoy your leisure time can be an important addition to a home. Deck materials have evolved over the last few decades, and quality materials are available for every deck project.  We recommend using Trex or Azek decking…… in fact Twin Oaks is the only certified TrexPro contractor in Ann Arbor!  There are several reasons to choose these materials versus solid wood. Here are a few of them:


Trex Installed in 2013

Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Contemporary decking materials are very durable.  Trex decking, which is a composite product are less likely to splinter and crack. This makes them easier to walk on in bare feet and also extends their life by keeping water out, eliminating the opportunity for wood rot. These composite deck materials contain plastics as well as wood products, which makes them unattractive to wood eating insects. These materials are also less likely to grow mold and algae, reducing the effort needed to keep your deck clean.  Azek decking is actually made of PVC, which contains no wood fiber at all and can be even more durable in the long run.

Safer and More Comfortable

Today’s composite and pvc decks are designed with textures on the walking surfaces which reduce that chance of slipping on a wet deck. Many types of composite deck materials are designed to be installed using hidden fasteners. This means that there is no chance of nails or screws raising up out of the deck and causing a tripping hazard. This is a consideration when building a deck.

Lots of Design Choices

Building a deck using composite materials allows you to choose colors to match your home and environment. The boards are available in a range of colors that can be combined in unique ways to create stunning designs. A composite deck eliminates the need to apply stain or paint. This allows contrasting colors to be used in attractive ways. There are also a variety of railings and vertical parts available to customize the finished deck. These parts are typically reinforced with steel so that they also provide structural strength.


Azec Deck Installed 2012

Composite Decking is Engineered to Last

Using composites when building a deck offers the advantage of peace of mind. Composite decking is a manufactured product which allows it to carry a warranty against failure. These materials are engineered to take advantage of the qualities of both the wood and plastic components. Unlike solid wood, these products are tested for durability, color fastness, strength and other performance standards. This allows you to be confident concerning how long your deck will last. Several products are designed knowing how they will fade and are colored to account for this.

Installation Made Simple

Manufacturers of composite materials have designed systems to make building a deck easier. In addition to the hidden fastener system mentioned earlier, there are spacers and tools available that help remove any guess work. Many times, when you have a home center help you with designing your deck, they will include some of these items in the package at no additional cost.

Composites are a Better Choice

The benefits of using composite materials when building a deck are numerous. The durability and versatility of these materials makes the possibilities of your backyard oasis innumerable. A well planned deck will provide many years of enjoyment and using composite materials will make your project last longer.