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Jim, Ann Arbor State Bank

“We have been with Twin Oaks Landscape, Inc. since our inception in 2009. They have us an all encompassing bid for all our outside service needs, and they promised excellent service and communication. So far, they have exceeded our expectations, which were high. They are a great local company, and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Jay Krumm, Maintenance Director, Weber’s Inn

Jim, I wanted to thank you and Twin Oaks for the beautiful job you did on the yard. Our property here at Weber’s has to be one of the hardest to mow. There is hardly a flat surface with many islands and steep banks. Your crew made the grass look like we were a golf course the way they double cut it. The grass on the islands was kept at a nice height and always edged. The outside property here means a lot to our name and successful business. This summer the job done on the yard reflected that. When we noticed things that needed to be addressed you were quick to have it done to our satisfaction. So, we look forward to using Twin Oaks next year.

Kathe – Crooked Stick Condominium Assoc., Ann Arbor

We at Crooked Stick Condominium Association in Stonebridge — now that we’ ve used your services through a first winter and beginning of spring — want you to know how pleased we are not only with the high quality of snow removal and spring cleanup, but also with the exemplary customer service you provide your clients. Snow removal was great. Snow was removed promptly with no gouging of driveways or lawns and landscaped areas. Our owners made a point of calling or writing to tell me this. They also really appreciated the careful spreading of mulch, keeping it even and on the areas that should be mulched and not on others. I’ve especially appreciated your personal check-ins with clients and am comfortable knowing that you are accessible and responsive. Congratulations on a fine beginning.

Gary, Ann Arbor

I am very impressed with your prompt service and the quality of the finished work in the “mulching” of our yard. Both your Project Manager who stopped by last night and the two young men who did the work today were skilled, communicated very well and, above all, were really nice guys! You have excellent employees and service and that will make me choose Twin Oaks for my future landscaping needs.

B. Thomas – Livonia, MI

“In today’s world, it has become easy for people to lower their expectations when it comes to dealing with service providers. The contractor finishes the job weeks after he promised, the cable guy arbitrarily decides he’s not going to show up at all and your tax accountant “forgets” to file an important form. All of it just becomes expected…and then along comes a company like Twin Oaks. Not only did they absolutely EXCEED my expectations in every imaginable way, but their landscaping, stone paving and drainage work has made my home the envy of the neighborhood and has added immediate bottom line value. I’d recommend Twin Oaks to anyone…particularly to my friends and family.”

A. Berriz, Ann Arbor

“In the two months that we have been working with Twin Oaks you have exceeded our expectations and are doing a wonderful job! You make us feel like we are your only customer in that you and your staff have been responding to our questions and implementing changes immediately, providing constant feedback to make our property even better than it was before you came on board. Your employees are very professional, our landscaping has never looked better and you continue to impress us with your constant communication. We would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for excellent, individualized landscape management.”

Bonnie, Ann Arbor

“Thanks again to you and your crew for doing such a wonderful job on our drainage and landscaping project. Your team is professional, knowledgeable and thorough. We’re thrilled with how the project turned out! Truthfully, I’m actually excited for it to rain so I can see our new drainage system in action. Thanks again!”

Jim – Salem Township, MI

“Just a note to tell you a about how we feel about our new patio. First off, let’s start with the design. You listened to us. You heard us describe how we would use the space. Your design was the first reason that we chose to work with Twin Oaks. Listening to the customer and then being able to process that info into a plan is the difference where we felt that you were not just trying to sell the same square of pavers that other companies recycle from job to job.

The Job: After 5 years of heavy construction at our place, we were prepared for mud and dust that comes with any large scale project. But your field team managed their workspace and cleaned up after themselves at the end of each day. After spending 5 months cleaning up after our rough framing contractors, I found it refreshing that I didn’t have to pick up one piece of broken brick the entire time you were at our house, your guys even swept my driveway before you left!

The Finished Product: We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Fred’s meticulous approach to the design (and RE-design and RE-RE design!) of the staircase threw a few curve balls at him but his desire to make sure that we were all on the same page makes me think of him every time I look at the stairs.

So, in conclusion, we’re happy. When we started this project we encountered a lot of landscape companies who said they did brick paver work. But at some point there’s a very big difference between people who just install a job and people who are dedicated to making sure that not only is every phase of the project right, but at the end of the job; that the client satisfaction with the finished product exceeded their expectations. You certainly exceeded our expectations for our patio.

Anyone who’s considering a landscape contractor should take into consideration what they really want out of backyard living space. Let’s face it, this is Michigan, we’ve only got 4, maybe 5 months to enjoy our outdoor space, I’m glad that I followed my gut with you guys. If this letter does anything; I hope that it shows future customers to compare all aspects of their job. Not just the bottom line price or how many inches of compacted base material is used. Look at the design. Look at the intangibles. Look at the consultative nature of how you design, service and install your projects. In hindsight this is why I’m glad we ended up with you.

See you next summer for Phase 2 of the project!!!

Rosemarie – MI

Beautifying with Passion is more than a mission statement for Twin Oaks Landscape company, it is the way they do business. I have enjoyed four years of a business relationship with Twin Oaks Landscape. My first experience was with my eighty-two year old mother’s property in Ann Arbor. Handling my own property and my mothers was a daunting task. I was fortunate enough to put her property into the care of Twin Oaks. Steve Scheuring handled her property beautifully and professionally, even making economic concessions understanding the challenges I faced as I assisted her in her battle against dementia.

Twin Oaks Landscape is one of the few companies that puts the customer first. The value of their customers exceeds their value of profit margin even in this difficult economy. Recently, I have been able to afford to put my own property in Steve Scheuring’s capable hands. My neighbors have lawn care that cost less but the professional grooming my yard receives from Twin Oaks makes my property the most attractive property in the area.

Beautifying with Passion falls short of Twin Oaks’ mission, Beautifying with Compassion embodies the company. Having only enough funds to purchase their lawn cutting service, I still maintain my own grounds including the weeding. I have a large yard. Many times the lawn cutting crew has watched me weed my yard over a two week period by myself. I purchased wood chips from Twin Oaks upon completion of my weeding chores. The gentleman, who was directing the installation of the wood chips, rang my doorbell and explained a weeding problem in my bushes. I proceeded to go the garage to handle the problem and he said, no problem we will do it at no additional charge.

I am happy to be a loyal Twin Oaks Customer. They have always responded immediately to my needs and given me service above and beyond what I have paid. Thank you, Twin Oaks for valuing my business. See you in the spring.

Connie – Ann Arbor, MI

“We were so pleased with the winter services we received from Twin Oaks Landscape last season. Our driveway was always among the first plowed on our street, which was especially important to us because my husband works for an employer that never closes, regardless of the weather. Additionally, the drivers were always careful to plow around any cars that were parked in our driveway. In fact, on a couple of occasions, the driver actually rang our doorbell to see if we wanted to move our car so that he could plow that side of the driveway. This is truly extraordinary service!

Mary – Ann Arbor, MI

“They are courteous, professional and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Being very pro-active, work is completed on-time and efficiently.”

Dan – Ann Arbor, MI

“Twin Oaks takes the time to listen to the residents needs and apply hard work and creative solutions to improve the appearance and value.”